Clockmaker is celebrating its ninth anniversary with in-game events and the release of an exclusive vinyl record

Tomorrow, January 20th, Belka Games’ Clockmaker will celebrate its ninth anniversary, commemorating the occasion with plenty of in-game events alongside the release of an exclusive vinyl.

We’ll start there because the mere mention of vinyl records always piques my interest. It will, perhaps unsurprisingly, feature Clockmaker’s soundtrack, and you can expect to see more details about its release on the game’s Facebook page. However, if you’re not particularly fussed about physical things, you can always stream the soundtrack on Spotify.

Alongside the vinyl, several events are taking place in Clockmaker to celebrate the anniversary, starting with the Music Museum. It sees you completing match-3 levels to earn tickets, which you can then exchange for decorative items.

Meanwhile, The Music of Truth is a new location you will find until January 22nd. It sees you embarking on a quest filled with secrets to discover. If that’s not competitive enough for you, then you might prefer to participate in the Tournament of Champions, where the goal is to earn as many victory points as possible by completing levels to top the leaderboard. Putting in a good performance will see you in with a chance of winning the Clockmaker vinyl.

As well as announcing events and the vinyl, Belka Games has also released some stats that help put Clockmaker’s success into cold hard numbers. For example, players have collectively spent 12,457 centuries enjoying the world while liberating 10,000 houses from the Clockmaker’s enchantments. Of course, you could simply mention it has over 46 million installs, but that’s just not as fun. Is it?

Clockmaker is available now on the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can download it for your preferred platform using the links below.

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