Climb the leaderboard and customize your avatar in Bowling Club out now

Compete in PvP matches and dominate the bowling leaderboards.

  • Bowling Club lets you customize your 3D avatar and bowling ball set.
  • Participate in PvP matches or create a club with friends.
  • Take part in special events and spin the Lucky Wheel to nab prizes.

Bowling Club: Realistic 3D PvP is the latest mobile bowling game to launch on Android and iOS. From BoomBit Games, this new sports title lets you compete against players across the globe as you climb the leaderboard and show off your bowling prowess.

This new sports title features Special Events that provide a variety of game modes to keep things fresh. You can also spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to obtain epic rewards. The game also features Skillshot, a game mode in which you must roll your ball with skill to take down as many pins as possible.

Bowling Club prides itself on providing short multiplayer matches that are ideal for on-the-go gaming. You can challenge other players or build a club with your friends and work together to become kings of the alleys. You’ll unlock new bowling alleys and unlock achievements as you progress. Additionally, the game offers daily missions and weekly challenges, so there is always a goal to set your sights on.

You can set different challenges for yourself and your club as you play. The game features separate leaderboards for individuals and clubs. Further, the new mobile sports game will feature ranked seasons that are intertwined with the battle pass.

BoomBit Games promises that Bowling Club will offer intuitive controls and high-quality graphics. You’ll customize your avatar with tons of gear options so you can really express yourself. You can even upgrade your gear to help you hone your bowling skills and dominate the many divisions and leagues. Further, you can customize your bowling ball set and even participate in clan wars.

Bowling Club: Realistic 3D PvP is free to download via the App Store and Google Play. For more information and to keep up with all the game’s latest news, follow Bowling Club on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok or join the game’s Discord community.