Clash of Clans’ latest update leaks have tongues wagging, but what’s there to see?

  • Clash of Clans’ upcoming update presents new changes, new pets and more
  • But what’re these leaks getting so much airtime for?
  • Could it be sneaky guerrilla marketing?

Clash of Clans’ new update, set to drop sometime this month, has already been partially leaked online. With fans and media outlets alike speculating and talking in-depth about them, we thought we might take a quick look. But while we’re only going to give a brief overview, we think it might be good to get your thinking cap on for this too…

While as a rule, we don’t usually comment on leaks if we can help it, it’s worth digging into what Supercell are adding. So far we’ve seen reports of new building levels, new troop levels for certain units and a whole host of new pets and more being added in this coming update. The Clash of Clans Reddit forum specifically made for leaks shows off many of these upcoming changes and assets that have been nabbed by fans where possible.

A bit TOO leaky?

You can also check out some of the confirmed changes courtesy of Clash of Clans’ official socials.

While we’re not about to make any accusations, there might be some who suggest that ‘leaks’ like this might not be so accidental. After all, what’s a better way to drum up attention around future additions than some ‘exclusives’ like this? Which, in fairness, if so, we’re guilty of giving attention to…but hey, these do still look like some pretty hefty additions to Clash of Clans.

You can check out the exact details of the upcoming unit and building additions in this thread by user GAM3BOI. Although bear in mind that, while we can talk till the cows come home about guerilla marketing, there’s no guarantee any of these are real, so take any leaks with a pinch of salt.

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