Clash of Clans introduces loads of new features including Town Hall 16 in latest update

Supercell aims to close out the year with a bang because they’ve just released the biggest update of the year for Clash of Clans. The patch not only brings the highly awaited Town Hall 16, but it also introduces merged defences, hero equipment, and the new Root Rider. This update is an absolute game-changer whose consequences will last for years to come.

The biggest introduction in Clash of Clans’ latest update is of course, Town Hall 16. It features a nature theme and has a tree-inspired design making it easy on the eyes. It also has a Giga Inferno beam which seems like a magnified solar blast from the sun itself. This weapon is not upgradable, but it packs a major punch. Once the Town Hall is destroyed, it still inflicts damage through a Poison effect.

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Town Hall upgrades are usually accompanied by new defences, but TH16 brings something never seen before. Instead of being able to purchase new defences from the shop, players will have the option to merge pre-existing ones. After reaching the minimum requirements, clashers will be able to combine their fortifications into single, mega, and ultra defences, which are greater than the sum of its parts.

Players that are halfway through or more to TH16 will unlock another brand new feature, Hero Equipment. This unique mechanic allows players to customize heroes and tailor their abilities for battle. Clashers will be free to decide what skills the heroes will use during matches and there will also be additional abilities that did not exist before.

Finally, a new Elixir troop also joins the fray. She goes by the name of Root Rider and is an earthen warrior available TH15 onwards. She barges into battle on top of a tree root and can easily slam through defences. Root Rider is perfect for creating quick openings to infiltrate enemy borders.

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