Civilization 6 Player Builds ‘Atlantis’


  • A Civilization 6 player recreated Atlantis in the game, sparking a discussion on what a playable Atlantis faction would look like.
  • The player used Offshore Wind Farms and Seasteads to build their Atlantis, making it the most defended city in their empire.
  • Fans might get news or a trailer for the Civilization game in 2024, which publisher 2K Games has confirmed is in development.

A Civilization 6 player recreated the legendary city of Atlantis in the game after finishing a playthrough. The replica settlement was shared online, sparking a discussion on what a playable Atlantis faction would even look like in the popular grand strategy title.

Civilization 6, which came out in 2016, is the latest mainline entry in American developer Firaxis Games’ Civilization series of turn-based 4X titles. Much like its predecessors, Civilization 6 tasks players with developing their nations while trying to achieve one of the game’s many victory conditions. Reaching a win condition does not necessarily end a playthrough, however, and many continue to play Civilization 6 even after they have cleared the game’s objectives. One such player, Reddit user MadZwe, decided to build the legendary lost city of Atlantis.


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In a recent post on the r/civ subreddit, MadZwe revealed that they made what was described as the “Second Coming of Atlantis” in Civilization 6. MadZwe told fellow community members they had already won the game but kept on playing because they found a perfect spot to build an ocean city. A photo of the Atlantis recreation showed that most of the settlement’s territory was taken up by Power-producing Offshore Wind Farms and Seasteads, which are Civilization 6 improvements that increase Housing. Despite this focus on non-military tile improvements, MadZwe’s Atlantis apparently ended up becoming the most defended city in their empire.

Commenting on MadZwe’s post, another Reddit user said they wished for an Atlantis faction to be added to Civilization 6. The Redditor believed that such a faction could be led by Atlantis’ first monarch, King Atlas. It could also have water-specific tile modifiers, special bonuses, and a unique Civilization 6 unit, among other things.

Publisher 2K Games confirmed in February that Firaxis has already started development on a new Civilization game, now dubbed by many as Civilization 7. No details regarding the upcoming title have been revealed so far, but Civilization 7 is expected to have new features. It could also reintroduce mechanics that were removed in Civilization 6 like the aquatic cities that were in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Fans may hear from Firaxis Games very soon as the developer will likely drop Civilization 7 news or even a trailer in 2024. In the meantime, Civilization 6 players can just fire up a new playthrough and beat the game again. Those looking to build large, unique settlements like MadZwe but want more freedom and customization than what the Civilization titles offer can try out some other great city building games available right now.


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