Chrono Odyssey Release Date (Everything You Need To Know)

Sometimes, a developer shows a trailer for their game, and it blows everyone watching away. As the Chrono Odyssey release date draws nearer, this is what we’re reminded of when we think back to when we first glimpsed the game when it demonstrated what a PS5 MMO could look like.

The first time we saw Chrono Odyssey was when it was revealed to the world in May 2023. The trailer is packed with some of the best visuals we’ve ever seen, with a colossal number of enemies rushing across a vast battlefield, each one of which is rendered in excruciating detail. We can’t wait for the Chrono Odyssey release date because when it finally comes around, we’re going to sink all of our time into the game and let it take over our lives.

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When Will Chrono Odyssey Be Released?

Image via NPixel

It’s unclear exactly when the Chrono Odyssey release date is, but we believe it should be with players at some point in 2024. The game went into testing in 2021 and has been through various stages of that testing ever since. After its reveal in 2023, many thought it would be released in the same year. But that didn’t happen.

The reason we reckon Chrono Odyssey will launch in 2024 is because it will have been roughly one year since the game’s showcase via the PlayStation YouTube channel. Sony wouldn’t show a game that would make the PS5 look awful, and given how long it’s been in testing, 2024 seems like a reasonable timescale for the MMO to finally get into the hands of the public.

What Platforms is Chrono Odyssey Releasing For?

Once the Chrono Odyssey release date is here, fans will be able to play it on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. As should be clear from the debut trailer above, this is a good-looking game, and that requires a lot of power under a device’s hood, hence only the best of the best current-gen consoles being able to run it.

What is Chrono Odyssey?

warrior with light weapon in chrono odyssey
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Chrono Odyssey is an MMO set in a world where players have the ability to travel through time and space. The player characters are adventurers exploring a strange new land called Setera. It seems normal at first, but it’s the stage for the war against the Void. Time has been twisted here because the war has been going on since the start of all existence.

As is to be expected with a land where time can completely change everything at a moment’s notice, there are strange relics to find, lots of enemies to defeat, and massive monsters to bring down. As they travel Setera, players will encounter various factions to battle or befriend.

The Guardians are creatures who protect Setera under instructions from The Great Ones. These unknowable beings may be as old as time itself. The Void is a race of alien invaders intent on destroying everything in Setera. The Broken are slaves to the Void. They’re the dead who are now enslaved by it. The Outcasts are human, but they’ve thrown their loyalties away in favor of something much darker. Finally, there are The World Movers, who have somehow survived in Setera and carved out a life there.

After the Chrono Odyssey release date arrives and players enter the game, they’ll pick up a Chronotector. These are said to have been created by The Great Ones and allow the users to manipulate space and time at will. While these devices are almost completely worn out by the time players get them, they’re the most powerful form of magic in the world of Setera.

While we’ll need to wait until we get our hands on the game to see how the mechanics and gameplay work, we believe this will be a classic RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy 14. The world will be vast and expansive, almost too much for newcomers to handle. After hundreds of hours, players will feel like they’ve carved out a home and should be able to come close to being experts. With a game world this large and a scope this insanely wide, we believe this could be an MMO that stands the test of time.

Is Chrono Odyssey an MMO?

chrono odyssey players killing a dragon
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Yes, Chrono Odyssey is an MMO of epic proportions. We’ve mentioned this above already, but we want it to be clear for all those wondering if this is some sort of epic ARPG with companion mechanics similar to Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma. This game is all about working with other players to overcome massive obstacles, though it will be possible to go it alone in a world filled with other players.

Are There Chrono Odyssey Beta Tests?

soldier fighting in chrono odyssey
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Yes, there have been Chrono Odyssey beta tests in the past, and players can still sign up for a chance to take part in them at the time of writing. By visiting the game’s official website and filling out the newsletter sign-up at the bottom of the page, players can be in with a chance to hear about news and beta access first. However, we don’t believe this guarantees beta access, so it’s worth keeping an eye on social channels such as Twitter, too.

Is Chrono Odyssey Part of the Chrono Trigger Series?

Chrono Trigger
Image via Square Enix

No, as far as we’re aware, Chrono Odyssey is not linked to the Chrono series or Chrono Trigger. The Chrono series is a relatively old one that’s revered as hosting some of the best JRPGs of all time. They’re not MMOs. While it’s possible that an MMO could be related or even part of the series, Chrono Odyssey is not.

Once the Chrono Odyssey release date has gone by, we’ll know so much more about the story, gameplay, and mechanics. We’ll be able to analyze where the MMO gets its inspiration from, and we’ve no doubt that Chrono Trigger will be one place that’s identifiable. Until then, though, all fans need to know is that this MMO and the beloved JRPG series are very much separate IPs.