May 30, 2023

Chesnaught is the mighty closing evolution of the Grass starter, Chespin, from Pokemon X and Y. This armored menace is normally a Grass/Preventing sort, however the brand new raid occasion adjustments that. The most recent Tera Raid imbues Chesnaught with the Rock Tera Kind, utterly altering the way you method the struggle. Let me present you Chesnaught’s weaknesses and greatest counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

7 Star Tera Raid Chesnaught weaknesses and greatest counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Chesnaught has the Rock Tera Kind giving it a bunch of weaknesses we will exploit. Preventing, Grass, Floor, Metal, and Water are all good towards Rock, however we nonetheless should keep in mind that Chesnaught is Grass/Preventing beneath. 

We’ve beneficial Annihilape as a strong solo choice for a number of 7 Star Raids, which nonetheless holds true for Chesnaught.

Iron Fingers is one other very good selection for this Raid. This Pokemon is Preventing/Electrical sort which works nicely towards something Chesnaught can do. Cumbersome Pokemon do nicely in Raids, and Iron Fingers excels on this division. Open the battle with Stomach Drum, after which spam Drain Punch.

Gholdengo is a well-liked backup selection, and it’s good to make use of one thing uncommon for a 7-Star Raid. Because of the Metal/Ghost twin sort, Chesnaught can’t actually do a lot to harm it. Your recreation plan with Gholdengo is to make use of Steel Sound and Nasty Plot a couple of instances. After that, go on the offensive with Make It Rain. 

Picture by PC Invasion

Chesnaught Moveset

  • Wooden Hammer
  • Earthquake
  • Iron Protection
  • Stone Edge
  • Hammer Arm
  • Bulk Up
  • Curse

Chesnaught has a couple of scary strikes however usually makes use of Wooden Hammer on repeat. This difficult-hitting Grass assault is downright scary if Chesnaught makes use of Bulk Up. Throughout my testing, Chesnaught did this each time. I noticed Bulk Up, Iron Defence, and Earthquake used as soon as every, however Wooden Hammer is the assault it’s best to put together for.

Annihilape does it once more!

Annihilape has been nice for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raids, whatever the goal’s weaknesses or greatest counters. 

This unimaginable Preventing/Ghost sort seemingly has no rivals in Raids and is a win button for these occasions. For one of the best outcomes, that is easy methods to construct a unbelievable Annihilape.

  • Nature – Adamant (Assault up, SP Assault down)
  • EV Unfold – 252 EVs in Assault, 252 EVs in HP
  • Ghost Tera Kind – That is elective. In my testing, Preventing works simply as nicely.
  • Capability – Defiance. This isn’t important, however it’s the greatest capability for Anihilape.

Advisable Moveset

  • Drain Punch
  • Rage Fist
  • Screech
  • Bulk Up

Annihilape completely destroys Chesnaught on this Tera Raid and might comfortably do it solo. The technique is extremely easy; begin the Raid with 3 Screeches. After that, spam Drain Punch or Rage Fist. You possibly can decide this assault based mostly in your Tera Kind.

With Annihilape by your facet, Chesnaught ought to go down in a few makes an attempt. Fortuitously, this occasion is far simpler than the earlier 7 Star Raid vs. Inteleon. 

Chesnaught weaknesses and best counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Picture by PC Invasion

Which Pokemon is coming subsequent in 7 Star Raids?

Contemplating the previous couple of 7 Star Raids have all been earlier technology Starters, the subsequent Raid will seemingly comply with go well with. Gamefreak usually maintain this data below wraps till per week earlier than the subsequent occasion.

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