Charming puzzle adventure game Paper Trail is coming to PC, console and mobile April 21st

  • Paper Trail utilises a childlike hand-drawn artstyle
  • It’s coming to PC, console and mobile, via Netflix Games
  • The title has already won a huge number of accolades prior to release

Paper Trail, a new adventure puzzler from developer Newfangled Games is releasing April 21st for PC, console and mobile, via Netflix Games. Joined by BAFTA award-winning creator Henry Hoffman, the team at Newfangled Games have already accrued more than 38 accolades for their intriguing new game.

Paper Trail boasts an unusual, hand-drawn art style which sees you literally fold the world much like actual paper to solve puzzles. It’s a clever way of introducing an art style that corresponds to and enhances the gameplay rather than being at odds with it.

Netflix isn’t done yet

Check out the official release date trailer for Paper Trail above!

Aside from what’s appealing about Paper Trail, which is the clever-looking gameplay and lush art style that you can see in the trailer above, it also shows that Netflix Games isn’t done getting some great exclusives. This is especially true of Paper Trail as, depending on the original plans, it doesn’t seem that Newfangled Games would bring their new title to mobile. So, thanks to Netflix Games, you’ll now be able to enjoy Paper Trail in the palm of your hand.

It’s especially gladdening for us, as despite the fact that we can easily list the top 10 titles on Netflix Games, we were still confused when the idea of including in-app purchases or a separate subscription for the service was being floated. What do you think? Would you pay for Netflix Games?

Netflix Games remains a great way to discover new and interesting titles that might not otherwise come to mobile. It’s also a great additional benefit to the overall Netflix subscription despite an often conspicuous lack of promotion from the company.

If you want to see where some of the games on the service stand in our estimation, why not check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)?

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