Characters That Could Have Inherited One For All

The seventh season of My Hero Academia quickly approaches for next year’s anime season. Deku, Bakugo, and many other fan-favorite characters return to take on the horde of villains wreaking havoc on the city, led by the merciless All For One. Hanging in the balance is the peace and safety that all previous heroes fought for, including All Might and the previous wielders of One For All.

One For All is the center focus of the conflict. All for One seeks to reclaim the power he bestowed on his late brother, to become an unstoppable force with no equal. After defeating All for One and losing access to One for All, All Might retired as a hero and left the future to the next generation and Izuku Midoriya. However, the story of My Hero Academia could have been incredibly different. A number of other heroes, both old and new, could have been the successors of All for One’s power.


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8 Yo Shindo

Great Leadership

Yo Shindo my hero academia

Yo Shindo first made his appearance in episode 53 of My Hero Academia, when the students of UA competed in the provisional hero license exam. Shindo is a student of Ketsubutsu Academy and led the charge in the “crushing of UA.”

Although he’s a bit overzealous, Shindo demonstrates incredible leadership and focuses on the task at hand in a number of situations. When facing UA students, Shindo did not let himself get lost in combat and retained his level head when there were civilians who needed to be saved. Shindo would have made an excellent subject for All for One, as he shares similar characteristics with some of the past wielders.

7 Rumi Usagiyama

Incredible Strength

Iconic March Anime Characters- Rumi Mirko Usagiyama

Rumi is the current number five hero among the top heroes in Japan, and goes by the moniker “Miriko.” Miriko has served as a pro hero for quite some time. She is one of the rare heroes to have risen as an elite who did not come from UA.


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Miriko is an aggressive, hot-blooded hero who leaps into danger with confidence and determination, loving a good fight. While Rumi can come off as brash, she is very considerate and takes her job as a hero seriously. Miriko’s attitude and selflessness make her a good prospect for One for All.

6 Hitoshi Shinso

Amazing Strategic Thinking

My Hero Academia Hitoshi Shinso

Shinso first appeared as an antagonist to Izuku during the Sports Festival arc, where the two faced off in the ring. Shinso was not gifted with a powerful physical quirk like Bakugaw or Todoroki; instead, he had to get ahead by using his mind.

He initially a large amount of resentment towards Deku and others, whom he believed to have it easy as a hero. However, Shinso let go of his negative emotions after losing to Deku and being trained by Shota Aizawa. Re-emerging during the Joint Training battle, Shinso seemed to transform into a completely different person capable of being worthy of All for One with his more strategic thinking and selfless thinking.

5 Taishiro Toyomitsu

Unwavering Loyalty


During the Shie Hassaikai arc of My Hero Academia, Toyomitsu, also known as Fat Gum, made his first appearance and teamed up with the provisional hero Red Riot. Fat Gum came off as a dependable and confident hero with a lot of grit.

Because of his large stature, Fat Gum seemed to be a primarily defensive hero, great for protecting his comrades. During a dire fight between some of the League of Villains members, Fat Gum and Red Riot were pushed to the edge. However, Fat Gum refused to go down with every body-breaking blow he received. Fat Gum’s drive mirrored that of All Might’s, making him a great candidate for One for All.

4 Tamaki Amajiki

Unlimited Potential

Tamaki Amajiki leaning his head against the wall in embarrassment

Tamaki is one of the big three UA students alongside Nejire and Mirio. Just like his classmates, he exemplifies the potential that true heroes in the making have. Tamaki goes by the hero name “Suneater,” and his power allows him to adapt the traits and qualities of things he eats.


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This quirk becomes incredibly handy, allowing him to deal with any number of situations. However, Tamaki stands out because of his decisiveness, which fuels his heroic deeds and allows him to perform at the top of his game at all times. While Tamaki’s personality portrays the opposite of confidence, he is a perfect choice for a One for All successor.

3 Oboro Shirakumo

Unrestricted Kindness

My Hero Academia Oboro Shirakumo

Oboro Shirakumo was a student attending UA at the same time as Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada, also known as Erasure and Present Mic. Oboro was a rising star who always met others with a smile. Oboro was a beloved student with a bright future as a hero, even though he did not possess the most powerful of quirks.

Oboro’s kindness and selflessness toward being a hero make him ideal for One for All’s power. Unfortunately, Oboro would not make it to herohood, and was seemingly transformed into a Namu.

2 Nejire Hado

Bronze and Brains

Nejire Chan Using Her Wave Motion Quirk Against Villains In My Hero Academia

Nejire is another member of the big three students of UA Academy, and the only female member of the group. Nejire is a highly intelligent individual who can fully assess a situation and react accordingly in the blink of an eye, as proved by her actions during Shiguraki’s rampage.


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In addition to her impressive wit, Nejire possesses a powerful quirk that allows her to manipulate her own life force and fire immensely powerful shockwaves. Nejire’s dedication and conviction would not only make her a strong successor for One for All. but also make her eligible to be acknowledged by previous wielders.

1 Mirio Togata

Unwavering Confidence

Mirio Lost His Abilities While Protecting Eri From Overhaul

Mirio is the final member of the big three of UA Academy. But more than that, he has had a long history of training to be a hero and to be the direct successor of One for All, having been personally chosen by Night Eye.

Mirio, also known as Lemillion, is perhaps one of the most promising heroes in Japan, not because of his power, but because of his unwavering sense of justice and kind heart. He and Deku share similar personalities, but Mirio carries a confidence in himself that comes from being born with his quirk and trained at an early age.

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