Characters Sanji Needs To Surpass In The Final Saga


  • Sanji needs to surpass several powerful characters, including Queen the Plague and Charlotte Katakuri, in order to become even stronger in the Final Saga.
  • In the Final Saga, Sanji will likely have to face Sir Crocodile, the number three of the Gross Guild, and surpass him in terms of power and infamy.
  • Sanji will eventually have to fight and surpass Ben Beckman, the First Mate of the Red Hair Pirates, in order to surpass the Red Hair Pirates and the Roger Pirates and achieve their goal of becoming the next Pirate King.

The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji has always been an incredibly important character in One Piece. He’s also one of the strongest fighters that Luffy has under him, being one of his two wings.


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Sanji is exceptionally powerful, and in Wano, he reached new levels as a pirate when he managed to defeat Queen the Plague, a figure worth 1.32 billion berries. He still needs to get stronger in the Final Saga and surpass many characters.

5 Charlotte Katakuri

Has The Power To See The Future


Charlotte Katakuri is one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and a pirate worth 1.057 billion batteries. He is an incredibly powerful fighter and much of that is down to his amazing usage of his Observation Haki. Katakuri is quite a curious case as, in most things, Sanji actually is already stronger than him. The only thing that he excels in over Sanji is his usage of Future Sight.

Sanji is an amazing user of Observation Haki, however, he cannot see the future just yet. That is not to say that Sanji won’t be able to see the future at all. In the Final Saga, Sanji will likely have to pick this skill and when he does, he will surpass Katakuri completely in terms of Observation Haki as well. It must be noted, however, that Sanji is so fast that even if Katakuri can see the future, he can likely defeat him anyway. The only thing that Sanji needs to surpass him in is his Observation Haki.

4 Sir Crocodile

The Number 3 of Buggy

Sir Crocodile, a former Shichibukai

Sir Crocodile is an infamous pirate as well as a veteran in the New World. Fans are very well familiar with him, given that he has played a major role in two sagas already. In the Final Saga, Sir Crocodile is a relevant figure once again. Given that he’s the number three of the Gross Guild, at some point, Sanji might end up coming face-to-face with him.

Crocodile has a bounty of 1.965 billion berries and, at the same time, he also likely possesses a higher level of strength than Sanji right now and will have to surpass him in terms of power as well as infamy in the Final Saga. This is certainly going to be a difficult task, but one that Sanji would gladly take on. In order to become a pirate worthy of making Luffy the Pirate King, Sanji will have to overcome many such obstacles.

3 Ben Beckman

The Vice Captain Of The Red Hair Pirates

Benn Beckman pointing his gun at Kizaru In One Piece

The First Mate of the Red Hair Pirates, Ben Beckman is an incredible pirate that fans know to be extremely smart. He is a terrific combatant whose abilities have been compared to those of the Admirals by Oda himself in his four billion volume. Ben Beckman will likely stand in the path of the Straw Hat Pirates once Luffy faces Shanks. It isn’t clear who it is that will face Ben Beckman just yet, however, regardless of who fights him, by the end of the series, Sanji will have to surpass him in terms of power.


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The Straw Hats aren’t just going to be any Yonko group. They have to surpass the Red Hair Pirates as well as the Roger Pirates. This feat requires them to be a level above even those of the Yonko and the former Pirate King’s crew. As such, Sanji will have to surpass Ben Beckman at some point in the Final Saga if he is to do the impossible.

2 Kizaru

An Admiral Of The Navy

borsalino one piece

Kizaru is an incredibly powerful adversary that Sanji will have to fight at some point in the story. He is the user of the Pika Pika no Mi, which is a very powerful Logia Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into light, making him a light human.

Kizaru and Sanji have many similarities, such as fighting with their kicks as well as prioritizing speed in combat. At some point, Sanji will have to fight and surpass him in terms of combat if he is to make an even greater name for himself.

1 Saint Saturn

One Of The Five Elders

Saturn vs sanji one piece 1095

Saint Saturn is one of the most heinous people in the One Piece world. Being one of the Five Elders, Saturn is among the highest authorities in the World Government, and, at the same time, he also possesses the powers to back that status up. Saturn has an unknown ability that allows him to turn into Ushi Oni.

Fans already got a glimpse of his abilities in the Egghead Island arc, where he serves the role of a major antagonist.

It must be remembered that Saturn is also a scientist and Sanji has a deep connection to the scientists of the One Piece world. Sanji’s dad, judge himself, was a scientist. Sanji’s previous opponent in Wano, Queen, was a scientist as well. As such, this is one individual whom Sanji will likely have to fight in the Final Saga.

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