Celebrate the Holy War Festival in style and recruit a supremely powerful new character in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is celebrating the four-year anniversary of the Holy War Festival, and there are a lot of exciting items up for grabs. You can get up to 110 free draws, free diamonds, and the chance to recruit an incredibly powerful new Hero.

Making their debut is Broken Balance Chaos Arthur. He fits in well with an all-human team thanks to his passive providing buffs such as increased basic stats, as is capable of dealing massive damage. His Ultimate is insane, dealing Sever damage to all enemies, and buffs heroes to increase damage dealt by 40%, and decreases recieved by 30% for three turns.

To pull this character, take a walk over to the Omen of Chaos draw. You are guaranteed to pick yourself up a Chaos Arthur at 900 miles and in the meantime, there’s a chance to pick up other powerful heroes. Fire of Life Ultimate Escanor, The Seven Deadly Sins Transcendent Ban, and Cursed Shackles Purgatory Meliodas are all prepared to pop up and say hello.

As you work your way through the Anniversary events you will find yourself eventually in the possession of the 4th Anniversary Wish Key. With this, you can unlock some treasure through the Wish Box Event, and nab yourself the Blue Wind Cheering Uniform costume, or materials needed to craft Holy Relics.

Of course, as is customary, the rewards for us lazy ones. The Check-in Event may not be as stuffed full of gear as we would like, but by simply logging in you can collect a maximum of 200 Diamonds to throw at the special draw. If you want more free stuff then you are in luck. The Special Thank You Part 1 Step Up Draw will offer a gigantic 110 Free Draws, and when you hit Step 10 you choose and obtain up to five heroes at UR 90.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross through the App Store and Google Play now, to earn yourself up to 80 Legendary Seals by taking part in these events.