Celebrate Phobies spooky second anniversary by recruiting a massive seven new terrors to your squad

Get ready to have that classic song stuck in your head, as Phobies celebrates its second anniversary with the release of its latest update; Birthday Bash, Monster Mash. Starting March 5th and lasting for four weeks, it will be a month of nightmarish events, offers and surprises.

Kicking off, there will be a total of seven new Phobies to recruit and use across five maps full of new obstacles for you to master and make a suite of new strategies to contend with. Prometheus has the ability to create and destroy lava tiles to control the battlefield, but can also safely traverse them itself.

Fantome will be a cornerpoint of any ambush team, thanks to their ability to teleport friendly units around the map, allowing you to throw your heavy hitters into whatever fight you need. Team Fantome up with Le Shovell, who has the ability to shove Phobies around, and you will be controlling the pace of engagements with ease.

Haphe is one angry Phobie, powering up after any attack it gets dealt, causing a big headache to the opposing side on how to deal with them. If you feel like dealing damage through paper cuts, the Collector can whip out a stack of tax documents to smash into your foe’s face. For brute force, Hercules hits like a truck with their mighty sting, and you can use Brutewurst to make your enemies ill to slow them down a bit.

There will be a whole host of exciting, and as of right now vague, goings on happening over the next four weeks, with the biggest rewards that Phobie players have ever seen. Starting March 7th, Vendy will also start to stock some birthday surprises to collect. Grab yourself some presents, and enjoy the anniversary.

Phobies is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.