Candy Crush Solitaire soft launches in Canada | Pocket

King has soft-launched its latest title Candy Crush Solitaire in Canada as it continues to experiment with the traditionally match-three IP.

The game first released to a select group of players in July 2023, giving an initial taste of how the card game would look in the Candy Crush style. Clearing levels earns a player coins and stars, there’s an hourly bonus for extra rewards to keep players clocking in, and “tasty streaks” to build by finding moves without touching the deck.

During the initial release coins could be used to undo a move in-game – a feature likely to be expanded as the game’s release rolls out.

Branding power

Candy Crush Solitaire does not currently provide the classic solitaire experience, however, instead being based on the TriPeaks version created by Robert Hogue in 1989 and which has been adapted to mobile successfully by other publishers.

The goal is to play all cards from three pyramids before turning over the whole of the player’s deck, as the more cards they have remaining at the end, the more coins they earn.

Of course, being a King game, the Jack, Queen and King cards all feature Candy Crush characters, while the Ace looks suspiciously sweet-like.

“Join iconic Candy Crush Saga characters in a delicious journey around the world, creating lovely postcards on the way,” the game’s App Store description reads.

“Play through loads of fun and challenging TriPeaks card levels, all accessible anywhere, anytime online and offline. Improve your skills and stock up for challenges by playing bonus levels to make your solitaire adventure more delicious than ever.”