Can I breed animals in LEGO Fortnite?

The world of LEGO Fortnite isn’t as empty as you think. You can meet NPCs that will join, plus with friends, things get a lot better. However, the world is filled with animals, each has its own behavior towards players. You can interact with them in various ways that can help you survive better. One of those things is to breed, and if you want to know if it’s possible to do that with animals in LEGO Fortnite, we have the answer below.

LEGO Fortnite: Can I breed animals in the game?

The short and sweet answer is that you can’t breed animals, so you can’t create them as you farm. The animal mechanics are deep on their own, you have wolves for example that you need things like a shortsword to defend yourself with, and sheep that you…pet. While breeding animals could make it easier to farm things like wool or other resources, it may make going out in the world unnecessary. 

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On the other hand, you can interact with any passive animal to give you certain loot like food. So that could be seen as an alternative. 

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Will the mechanic come in the future?

However, if you’re looking to play this way, don’t give up hope. LEGO Fortnite seems to be a permanent game mode, and with Epic doing updates consistently, we could see this mechanic pop up down the line. We may also see more animals appear in future updates to make breeding more acceptable. Because at the moment, chickens, cows, and sheep seem to be some of the few friendly animals. 

On top of adding more animals, each biome could also have its own unique ecosystem like a polar bear or penguin in the snowy areas. This way, you can create several farms to breed animals which might help you never run out of resources.

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