C++ Game, Hypersomnia, is Perfect for CSGO and Hotline Miami Fans – Gamezebo

Get ready, folks! Hypersomnia is dropping on December 28th on Steam, and it’s not your typical shooter – it’s a wild blend of retro vibes and cutting-edge gaming.

This game is the real deal if you’re itching for a challenge that puts your skills and imagination to the test. Hypersomnia throws you into a top-down shooter that’s like a mashup of eSports and pixelated nostalgia. Not your mindless shooting; it’s about testing your reflexes, strategy, and creativity in every single match.

Map Your Destiny

Hypersomnia lets you be the boss with an in-game map editor. Design your own levels, whip up crazy weapons, and unleash wicked enemies. The best part? You can show off your creations to the online crew. Playtesting your masterpieces with friends is just a click away, and you’ll get all the feedback you need to amp up your game.

And guess what? Hypersomnia isn’t just another shoot ’em up. It gets serious with a crazy story, with three factions duking it out for control. Each faction’s got its own vibe and its own philosophy. Are you going to roll with Metropolis, aiming to demolish their virtual prison? Or maybe Atlantis, where they’re cooking up weird experiments? If peace is your jam, the Resistance might be calling your name.

Made Without a Game Engine

What’s even cooler? Hypersomnia is made by gamers, for gamers. For starters, it’s built from scratch in bare C++, and without any game engine, it’s lean, mean, and ready to roll. That’s right, no bloated downloads here! And it’s also free and open-source. Grab it off GitHub, tweak it however you like, and make it your own. You can even jump into the development scene and help make it better for the whole gaming community.

Mark your calendar for the 28th of December. Don’t let this one slip through the cracks! If you’re after a game that throws you back to the good ol’ days while keeping things fresh and challenging, Hypersomnia is your golden ticket. Get ready to dive into a gaming experience like no other!

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