ByteBrew enhances live ops offering with new features for mobile developers | Pocket

In their most recent product launches, the all-in-one analytics platform, ByteBrew, announced the release of Remote Config Conditions and JSON Editor. Developed to enhance ByteBrew’s existing live ops tool set, these products provide a string of new features for mobile game developers.


Utilising their platform’s segmentation engine, conditions enables the distribution of live updates to segmented groups of players based on a defined group of user attributes such as: build version, country, custom data and more. Conditional segments can be constructed using multiple combinations of attributes to send specific live updates to even a niche population of users within your game.

JSON Editor

ByteBrew also announced their new remote config editor. Created for developers building tailored game experiences, the JSON Editor unlocks new functionality on the platform to remotely send a payload containing a series of in-game updates.

Cameron Hozouri, CEO and Co-founder of ByteBrew, said: “We’re proud to have a passionate community of game creators collaborating with us on new products we develop on the platform. In our latest launches with Remote Config Conditions and JSON Editor, we’re bringing a realm of new live ops possibilities to our all-in-one platform.”

Mobile games and app developers can get started using ByteBrew for 100% free here.