Brown Dust 2 releases Tales of Sword update ahead of half-anniversary event

Brown Dust 2, a turn-based roleplaying game from NEOWIZ featuring high-quality 2D graphics and anime-style characters, has released a new character pack. This new character pack lets users explore the martial arts era ahead of its half-anniversary event. The sixth new character pack since the game’s launch, Tales of Sword, tells the story of Sylvia, the Sword Queen. Sylvia is a proficient sword fighter who undertakes an emotional journey after meeting Yuri, the little Terrorfiend.

Along her journey, the Sword Queen will encounter other characters from the game, including Dalvi and Narta. The Tales of the Sword update features full voiceovers in Japanese and Korean and introduces the dash function initially revealed during the Closed Beta Test.

Brown Dust 2 is also currently hosting The Windy Cat season event. The event, which runs through December 20, 2023, tells the tale of a giant fiend in the Terrorfiend village and offers various mini-games. You can participate in the Break the Jar field quest during the event.

The quest involves breaking jars using the new dash function to gain dice, which you can exchange for rewards such as Diamonds and Ancient Crystals. Further, a new character pick will be released on the 21. The pick-up features Dalvi and you’ll have the chance to unlock the ‘Thousand-year-old Hairpin’ gear and the ‘Bright Moon Dalvi’ costume during the event.

In celebration of the game’s half-anniversary, you can now preregister for the half-anniversary event. Kicking off December 21, the half-anniversary event will offer rewards, including 10 Draw Tickets and exclusive items.

Pre-register for the event via Brown Dust 2’s official website. Now through the 21st, you can participate in a special login event that’ll net you rewards for logging in consecutively. Prizes include 10 Draw Tickets, 200 Diamonds, 40 Cooked Rice, and 40 Blood Cocktails. Brown Dust 2 is available via the App Store and Google Play.