Breaking Down the Maximum Level Cap in Helldivers 2

Every online game-as-a-service has a level cap, and Helldivers 2 is no different. Each level brings a new set of challenges and abilities for players to grasp, but the overall level cap is lower than most might think and for a good reason.

While it takes a decent chunk of time and effort to reach the maximum level cap in Helldivers 2, there is indeed a limit to how high players can push their character. Each level brings upgrades and a sense of progression that’s almost too slow for the game’s difficulty spikes, but multiplayer makes up for that. However, the key to the game’s levels is understanding why the cap is in place and what players get as they grow.

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Understanding the Maximum Level in Helldivers 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the time of writing, the level cap in Helldivers 2 seems to be level 20. This is based on what most players are seeing as they progress during the game’s launch weekend. However, the cap could be higher or grow based on how many players hit it early and if developer Arrowhead Game Studios wants to raise it.

This level cap may seem low, but it takes a while to get there. We estimate players need an average of two hours per level, making for a 40-hour grind if players are successful in every mission. New difficulty levels are unlocked as players complete missions in each previous one, so it’s not entirely linked to the character’s level.

Players also unlock new gear through currency and items gathered from missions or by completing them, so there’s no incentive to push to max level as quickly as possible. Instead, players are rewarded most for paying attention to objectives, looking after each other, and killing aliens whilst liberating planets.

What Players Get for Levelling up in Helldivers 2

helldiver with backpack in helldivers 2
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As players level up in Helldivers 2, they unlock access to upgrades. These upgrades must be purchased with Samples and other in-game currency or items earned during missions and by completing multiple objectives within them.

Overall, this provides an incentive to take the full 40 minutes some missions offer to clear out as much of the map as possible and gather everything it has to offer so that more upgrades can be purchased. We love the sense of progression this provides because it makes us feel as though our actions have a big impact on what is a galaxy-wide war.

Even something as silly as getting thrown across a huge distance isn’t offputting because of the way the game’s progression system favors players who look after each other. Calling back fellow players who die means everyone has more firepower and backup for future objectives, so the game feels better to play and everyone levels up faster as a result.