September 28, 2023

Multiple brands have announced they are cutting ties indefinitely with Johnny & Associates following a public apology for the founder’s sexual abuse.

Johnny & Associates is a well known idol company in Japan that focuses on cultivating male talents. The founder, Johnny Kitagawa (ジャニー喜多川) has long been accused of misconduct with the young boys under his company label.

It’s only after his death back in 2019 that more victims came forward and with it renewed credibility to the accusations; most recently Kauan Okamoto spoke about his experience with the Johnny & Associates founder.

Just a few days ago, the company finally issued a public apology admitting to the founder’s illicit activities. The abuse has long been considered an open secret, with a Tokyo high court ruling that such an assault did happen as early as 2004.

Almost immediately after, Asahi Group Holdings announced they would no longer use Johnny & Associates talents in advertising going forward. Asahi Group Holdings is largely known for their Asahi brand beer.

Fellow food and beverage company Kirin has also decided not to renew their contracts with Johnny’s.

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