Blue Protocol censored on PlayStation in Japan

Blue Protocol, the upcoming anime MMO is being censored for PlayStation users, even those located in Japan.

It’s no secret that the western version of Blue Protocol is being censored, especially after Amazon Games audaciously stood by their decision to offer a censored product. However console manufacturer Sony appears to prefer.

It’s worth mentioning that Sony Interactive Entertainment is based in California and not Japan.

Japanese users quickly noticed the censored version available through PlayStation and posted screenshots comparing the two. Another Japanese gamer expressed their joy that the Xbox version was at least uncensored, saying: With XBOX, there are no restrictions on pants!” (Translation: Google)

Some of the largest changes between the western and Japanese versions of the game include the removal of a “physics shake” button in character creation, as well as select outfits being edited to cover more skin.

It’s worth mentioning that Japanese Blue Protocol servers will ban users found to be accessing them from abroad. At the time of writing we’re unsure if Taiwan servers will be censored and if not, will western players be able to use them. We’ll keep you up to date if Taiwan servers are

Blue Protocol is set to release in the West at some point in 2024, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam). We’ll have a final review of the game once it actually comes out in English.