June 8, 2023

We’re lastly getting a break after a couple of weeks of Distinctive/Restricted college students, however these ones are nonetheless meta-defining.

Properly, we are saying a break however this upcoming banner has two college students which might be distinctive even when they aren’t Restricted: Maki and Koharu.

These two college students might be picked up randomly throughout any pull, however through the banner there’s an elevated likelihood of choosing them up. So what makes them value pulling?

Konuri Maki

Konuri Maki Blue Archive

Maki is a queen of Yellow raids. She does large single goal harm, has an enduring assault buff, and synergizes with buffing models like Ako. Whereas she largely shines in HOD and Binah, she can be utilized in Chesed to put enormous harm when he’s weak. She’s additionally a satisfactory harm supplier even with out her sort benefit, however solely in a pinch. That’s the facility of her uncooked harm.

She might be safely skipped when you have Kazusa and aren’t fascinated by making a number of groups for prime finish content material. However with out both of them you’ll have a tough time with Excessive Binah or HOD (and overlook about Insane).

Shimoe Koharu

Shimoe Koharu Blue Archive

If Maki is the queen of Yellow raids, Koharu is at the least the queen of Hieronymus. Koharu’s EX means does therapeutic to allies and harm to enemies in an space, giving it nice versatility. She additionally heals college students under 50% HP each 20 seconds passively, this implies she’s placing in work from the get-go in Hieronymus raids by therapeutic his relics (one of many raid’s main mechanics requires therapeutic).

She might be skipped when you have loads of robust harm sellers in any other case and might afford to place extra therapeutic elsewhere in your staff, however in any other case she’s just about a must have for pushing Hieronymus on the very best difficulties.

Ought to I Pull?

We’re nonetheless catching as much as Japanese servers so we’re going to undergo extra Distinctive banners quickly and in quick order. To that finish, this banner is a protected skip should you’re hurting for Pyroxenes after the final one.

To not point out these college students aren’t distinctive and might simply seem randomly when pulling or be farmed by way of Eleph via Laborious Missions.

To sum it up: Don’t pull. These are actually good college students however not definitely worth the Pyros proper now. Save them.

Waifu Clause

As at all times, should you actually like the coed’s design then extra energy to you. These guides are extra concerning the scholar’s place within the meta.

Blue Archive is offered now on cell units! You may take a look at our evaluate right here! (so far as cell video games go, we nonetheless suggest it!)

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