Blox Fruits Kitsune Update Countdown – Release Time & Date

If you’re excited about the release of Kitsune Update for Blox Fruits, then you will obviously be wondering what date and time the Kitsune update will be releasing! If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got a Blox Fruit Kitsune Update countdown that will tick down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you can start playing!

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Blox Fruit Kitsune Update Release Time Countdown and Date

Blox Fruit Kitsune Update is set to release on December 15th, 2023, at 2 AM UTC. When the countdown below reaches zero, you’ll be able to enjoy Blox Fruit Kitsune no matter where you live in the world!

1 Days 10 Hours 24 Min 30 Sec

What is Being Added in Blox Fruits Kitsune Update?

The Kitsune update in Blox Fruits brings a plethora of exciting new features and enhancements, enriching the overall gameplay experience. This update is particularly notable for introducing the Kitsune fruit, which has been highly anticipated due to its impressive gameplay mechanics and stunning visual design.

Kitsune Fruit

One of the key additions is the Kitsune Fruit itself, regarded as one of the best fruits in the game. It stands out not only for its gameplay impact but also for its visual appeal, offering players a unique and engaging experience. The update provides an in-depth look at the fruit and its abilities, allowing players to fully understand and utilize its potential.

Kitsune Abilities

The Kitsune Fruit’s Abilities are a major highlight, with specific moves such as the Z and X moves. The Z move, for instance, demonstrates significant effects when hitting opponents and the ground, offering strategic gameplay advantages. The X move is capable of hitting up to three people, with each zigzag dragging a person along, showcasing its power and utility in combat scenarios.

Rage Meter

A transformative feature of the Kitsune fruit is its Rage Meter and Transformation. Once a player hits three tails on the rage meter, they can transform, unlocking new abilities and enhanced mobility. This transformation is not just a boost in power but is also visually striking, adding to the appeal of using the Kitsune fruit.

Fox Slam Weapon

Furthermore, the update introduces the Fox Slam Weapon, another significant addition that complements the Kitsune fruit. This weapon includes various moves and versions, such as a tapping version and a holding version of the X move, providing players with multiple combat options.

To enhance the personalization and aesthetic aspects of the game, new Accessories are being added, including the Kassi ribbon and Kitsune mask. These accessories offer players new ways to customize their characters and stand out in the game world.

Lastly, the update brings a Special Event exclusive to Sea 3, where players can participate to acquire new items and enjoy unique content. This event adds another layer of engagement, encouraging players to explore and participate in new challenges.

If you want to watch the 11-minute trailer, you can do so here: Blox Fruits Kitsune Trailer + Showcase.