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Our guide covers the speculated Blox Fruit Dragon Rework Leaks. Everything shared here is ideas formed by the Blox Fruit community who have guessed when the Dragon will be released. Players are already excited about the reworked Dragon as it seems to be having an entire facelift. From move-set visuals to smoother transformation, there is a lot to look forward to!

Blox Fruits challenges you to become a master swordsman or lethal Blox Fruit user. Train restlessly to become a fierce player, and take on the challenges faced through each island you traverse. Defeat vicious bosses and uncover secrets in this One Piece-inspired Roblox game.

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Blox Fruit Dragon Rework Leaks Showcase

So, let’s get into the speculation. Disclaimer warning! All of what we share is only speculation and isn’t official. We know the Dragon may be coming back refreshed, but when and what it’ll be capable of hasn’t fully been revealed to the public yet!

Dragon Rework Potential Leaks

Being the anniversary of the game, players had speculated a Dragon rework trailer to be dropped. But alas, the Blox Fruit DEVs are keeping this anticipated update quite private. So, in this section we will outline the leaks and speculations for the dragon rework which we have pulled from numerous sources, being the very observant player base as one of our leading outlets!

The main accepted day of the update is February 2nd. This is due to Blox Fruits recently changing their game description title on Roblox from “Winter Update Part 1” to “Holiday Update Part 1”. This is important as the holiday, Lunar New Year falls on February 2nd which could be the potential day of update! This also makes sense as one of the Lunar New Year animals happens to be the Dragon. Of course, if not then, the next big holiday would be Valentine’s Day. Though, Dragons hardly seem romantic.

Dragon Showcase Leaks

A lot of videos are flying around the internet claiming to be canon video leaks of the new visual showcases for Dragon. These however are all fanmade. So as of right now, we don’t have any visual leads to go off. Typically Blox Fruit DEVs share leaks just before releasing an update to build hype and currently, there is nothing on their Twitter.