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My Blades of Chance Limited Blades guide tells you what Limited Blades are, how to get them, and their rarity. Or at least, how the rarity works. These mysterious blades may not be the rarest numerically, but they’re highly sought after and exclusive so you’ll want to get them before they’re gone!

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Blades of Chance Limited Blades

Limited Blades are exclusive weapons with an expiry date. You can roll for these Blades by purchasing a Chest of Dreams from the in-game shop widget on the left side of the screen. Despite the Blades here having unique roll rates, they all display their rarity as 1 in ??? when obtained. This is because once the Blades leave the game, there will be no way to obtain them, making them arguably the rarest and exclusive to the lucky players who rolled for one, or every Limited Blade.

This game mechanic may be familiar if you’re familiar with Gachas. It’s the game’s way of encouraging you to explore and complete quests and achievements for Gems, or skip the hassle and sink Robux into the game to purchase more Gems for chests. The current chest rates are the following:

  • 1x Chest of Dreams – 500 Gems
  • 3x Chest of Dreams – 1,500 Gems
  • 10x Chest of Dreams – 5,000 Gems

It is unknown, but also unlikely that the chests have a built-in pity system to guarantee a Limited Blade.

Limited Blades

The following are the current Limited Blades in the Blades of Chance banner with their drop rate and rarity:

  • The Bloodmoon [LIMITED] – 1 in ???
    • 50% drop rate from Chest of Dreams
  • Azure Serpent [LIMITED] – 1 in ???
    • 33% drop rate from Chest of Dreams
  • Eagle Eye [LIMITED] – 1 in ???
    • 9% drop rate from Chest of Dreams
  • Inferno Cleaver [LIMITED] – 1 in ???
    • 1% drop rate from Chest of Dreams