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My Blades of Chance Crafting Guide lists each craftable item within the game including its use. If you want to know where to craft, or what’s worth exchanging your precious blades for, then this is the guide for you! Bookmark this page and check back for future updates when more craftables are added to the game.

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Blades of Chance Crafting Guide

Crafting is a great way to increase your odds within Blades of Chance. So, really, the title is a little misleading since you can alter your chances and it’s not entirely luck of the roll. But, let’s not overcomplicate it.

You can begin crafting over by the wooden shack near Spawn. An NPC named Kieran is leaning out of the window of this shack, and he is where all your crafting needs can be met.

Keirans Crafting

It’s worth noting that everything you can craft is a permanent fixture, making them worth making versus just spamming Elixirs. Let’s get into each of the crafts.

Azureglint Amulet – Increases luck by 20%

  • x3 Crimson Shard – 1 in 32
  • x1 Foul Fang – 1 in 64
  • x1 Heavens Faith – 1 in 128

Mossheart Cuff – Decreases the wearer’s chest opening cooldown by 15%

  • x2 Shatterblade – 1 in 16
  • x3 Crimson Shard – 1 in 32
  • x1 Celestial Edge – 1 in 10,000

Sunstone Amulet – Increases luck by 50%

  • x2 Opal Occisor – 1 in 6,000
  • x2 Circuit Cleaver – 1 in 7,500
  • x1 Celestial Edge – 1 in 10,000

Embercore Crown – Increases luck by 50%, and decreases the chest cooldown by 10%

  • x2 Opal Occisor – 1 in 6,000
  • x1 Circuit Cleaver – 1 in 7,500
  • x1 Celestial Edge – 1 in 10,000
  • x1 Purple Mistral – 1 in 15,000

Silvergleam Pendant – Increases luck by 60% during Map Events

  • x1 Voidwalker – 1 in 256
  • x2 Valhalla Vanguard – 1 in 1,024
  • x2 Plasma Edge – 1 in 2,048
  • x2 Plaguebearer – 1 in 4,096

Which Is The Best Craftable?

This is subjective to taste, but I think the best is either the Embercore Crown or Silvergleam Pendant. The Embercore Crown for its versatility, this item offers the most benefits for its recipe versus the other boosters.

As for the Silvergleam Pendant, it offers a huge boost during events, which is weathering conditions where exclusive blades may be hiding. It is nearly impossible to get some blades outside of their event, and events are a rarity, so having a 60% luck increase is nifty!