Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes tips and hints


Tip #1 – Choose the right hero for each battle

Each hero in Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes has their own unique skills and abilities, but they also – along with the enemies of the game – have one of three very important attributes, which are courage, wisdom and trickery.

Characters that have the courage attribute deal out 30 per cent more damage to enemies that have the wisdom attribute, but are penalised with 30 per cent weaker attacks against baddies with the trickery attribute.

While it may have an advantage over the courage attribute, the trickery attribute is weak against its wisdom counterpart. The wisdom attribute, on the other hand, is strong against the trickery attribute but weak against its courage equivalent.

You may get away with ignoring these attributes for the first few stages, but as you are challenged by more fearsome foes your success or failure will more often than not hinge on your choice of hero.

Look in the top-right of your device’s screen once you’ve tapped on a stage to see the attributes of the enemies you’re about to face.


Tip #2 – Upgrade every aspect of your character

Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes character in red armour

The rewards you earn as you complete stages of the story can be used to strengthen your team of heroes. There are multiple ways to do this.

For starters, you can use gold and scrolls to increase your champion’s level, which boosts their attack, defence and HP stats.

You don’t want to stop there, though. With gold and fragments, you can also upgrade a hero’s tier, which enhances their skills and raises their base stats even further. You may even unlock a completely new skill.

Then there’s your character’s equipment. All of the heroes are equipped with a weapon and five other pieces of hardware, including armour. Using gold and an item called essence, all of them can be upgraded to further increase the attack, defence and HP stats of the person wearing them.

Last but not least you can equip each hero with up to two different artifacts that offer unique bonuses, such as increased movement speed and greater damage for performing critical hits on enemies.

Be sure to pay attention to all of the above.


Tip #3 – Claim your free rewards

You can earn extra gold and other items like scrolls and tier boosters just for opening Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes on a daily basis. If you’re new to the game, you’ll also have access to two weeks of newcomer rewards, which again you earn simply for opening the app every day.

These aren’t the only freebies up for grabs.

If you head to the in-game shop and navigate your way to the artifacts tab, you can nab yourself two additional free bonuses that would normally cost you 100 crystals each. One of them you’ll get for doing absolutely nothing, but you will have to watch a short ad to claim the other. Again, you can do this daily.

You can find even more free items by clicking on the chest icon that’s located to the right of the main sanctuary screen. You can claim these rewards every five minutes or allow them to accumulate and grab them once they’ve stacked up a little. You can even increase these regular bonuses by advancing through the guardian mode.

Finally, be sure to regularly tap on the envelope icon near the top-right of your device’s screen as you’ll often find rewards here too.

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