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Need a Blade Ball tier list? We have what you are looking for! Regardless if you simply like tier lists, or need some guidance going into your next head-to-head, our tier list will give you some insight into what we think are the better abilities this game has to offer.

Blade Ball is an intense Roblox game that invites weapons and explosions into classic dodgeball. Hone your skills as you perfect your timing, speed, and strategy to be the last player standing, and the winner against the relentless ball. Repel the ball with your blade, and utilise your abilities, as you aim to knock out other players to secure your sweet victory!

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Blade Ball Tier List

Dodge this!

How We Assemble Our Tiers

  • S-Tier – Our elites! These abilities will see you to victory.
  • A-Tier – Awesome abilities with high potential.
  • B-Tier – Our average. Great, but nothing to rave about.
  • C-Tier – In a pinch these can come in clutch.
  • D-Tier – Oof…We wouldn’t recommend these, but hey, maybe you like them?

Tier lists are always subjective since an ability we like and recommend may be your nemesis. We build our tier lists from our own game experience, player feedback, and other sources to truly deliver what we think is the most accurate representation of the current scaling in the game.


  • Telekinesis
  • Rapture
  • Swap
  • Infinity
  • Pulse
  • Wind Cloak


  • Invisibility
  • Super Jump
  • Thunder Dash
  • Shadow Step
  • Pull
  • Phase Bypass


  • Raging Deflect
  • Dash
  • Forcefield
  • Freeze
  • Thunder Dash


  • Platform
  • Waypoint
  • Shadow Step
  • Super Jump


  • None here! At least we think each ability has potential.

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

Our tiers will change as new abilities get added into the game, shifting the power balance of play.