September 25, 2023

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Blade Ball is all about deflecting a homing ball to try and murder other players. When the ball turns red, it means it’s coming for you, and if you don’t deflect, you’ll die and earn the player who deflected it coins. But with these coins, you can purchase different abilities that can give you an advantage on the battlefield.

Here’s our tier list of the best abilities in Blade Ball! While you’re here, why not check out our Blade Ball Codes to get some free goodies?

Best Abilities Blade Ball Tier List

This guide categorizes the best abilities units in Blade Ball, so you always know the best abilities to get! The following Blade Ball Tier List ranks the currently available skills into these tiers:

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good
  • C-tier: Average
  • D-tier: Below Average

Best Abilities in Blade Ball

Blade Ball S-Tier Abilities

  • Phase Bypass
    • Phase out of reality and move at god speed for a few seconds before being re-anchored to reality.
      • Only available by purchasing the Cyber Pack
      • Can’t be upgraded.
  • Rapture
    • Unleash a ferocious upward slash which gives significantly more curve influence and power to the ball.
      • Only obtainable via the Wheel.
      • Can’t be upgraded.
  • Pull
    • Force the ball to target you.
      • Cost: 5000 Coins.
      • Two upgrades
        • First: 2500 Coins
        • Second: 5,000 Coins
  • Telekinesis
    • Stop the ball in its tracks and change its target, increasing the ball’s speed as well.
      • Cost: 5,000 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First 2.500 Coins
        • Second: 5,000 Coins
  • Raging Deflect
    • Prepare a much stronger deflection which increases the ball’s speed a lot.
      • Cost: 4,000 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 2,000 Coins
        • Second: 4,000 Coins

Blade Ball A-Tier Abilities

  • Forcefield
    • Materialize a forcefield which automatically deflects the ball for its duration.
      • Cost: 2,000 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 1,000 Coins
        • Second: 2,000 Coins
  • Wind Cloak
    • Manifest an aura of winds to increase speed and jump boost for a long time.
      • Cost: 2,000 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 1,000 Coins
        • Second: 2,000 Coins
  • Shadow Step
    • Move so fast for a few seconds that shadow-like afterimages follow your character.
      • Cost: 1,600 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 800 Coins
        • Second: 1,600 Coins

Blade Ball B-Tier Abilities

  • Thunder Dash
    • Teleport at the speed of thunder towards your character’s movement direction with a short cooldown:
      • Cost: 1,200 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 600 Coins
        • Second: 1,200 Coins
  • Invisibility
    • Go invisible for a duration, making it so the ball is unable to target you.
      • Cost: 800 Coins
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 400 Coins
        • Second: 800 Coins

Blade Ball C-Tier Abilities

  • Platform
    • Create a platform out of the earth to stand on high in the sky.
      • Cost: 450 Coins
        • Two Upgrades
          • First: 225 Coins
          • Second: 450 Coins
  • Super Jump
    • Swiftly jump extraordinarily high.
      • Cost: 300 Coins
        • Two Upgrades
          • First: 150 Coins
          • Second: 300 Coins

Blade Ball D-Tier Abilities

  • Dash
    • Swiftly dash towards your character’s movement direction.
      • Cost: Free
      • Two Upgrades
        • First: 150 Coins
        • Second: 300 Coins

Blade Ball Tier List FAQ

How do the Tiers Work?

Our tiers are ranked from best to worst and assess the overall usefulness of the ability.

  • S-Tier: These are the best-of-the-best and likely overpowered. If you get one of these, you should keep it and not change anything.
  • A-Tier: These are outstanding performers and would be a great addition to your character. Due to the rarity of an S-Tier, it might be better to just hold onto one of these because the other ones are so hard to get.
  • B-Tier: Can be good for a while, but you will likely want to upgrade these at some point.
  • C-Tier: While not great it at least functions as somewhat of an improvement to your character.
  • D-Tier: Worst of the worst and provides no benefit. Should be spun away as soon as possible.

How were the Rankings Decided?

When creating our tier lists, we strive to gather information from a variety of sources. Although our gameplay experience serves as one reference point, our primary goal is to create comprehensive lists that cater to a wide range of playstyles. To achieve this, we also consider the rankings and opinions of other players in the game community.

When is the Blade Ball character Tier List Updated?

Our team is committed to keeping the list current by regularly revising it to reflect new releases and balance changes. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check back periodically to stay updated with the latest rankings.

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