September 24, 2023

Want to know more about Blade Ball Instant Spin? Our guide includes all you need to know! Find out what the instant spin is, and its benefits!

Blade Ball is an intense Roblox game that invites weapons and explosions into classic dodgeball. Hone your skills as you perfect your timing, speed, and strategy to be the last player standing, and the winner against the relentless ball. Repel the ball with your blade, and utilise your abilities, as you aim to knock out other players to secure your sweet victory!

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Blade Ball Instant Spin

Spin the wheeeeellllll……

What Is A Spin?

A spin is an in-game item in Blade Ball. Spins allow you to interact with the spin wheel for rewards to help boost your abilities when out in the playing field. Spins can reward a player with abilities, extra spins, coins, and boosters.

How To Get Spins

Spins can be obtained through 3 main ways, exchanging coins, spending Robux, or redeeming codes. Whilst codes can grant you free spins, not all codes will reward you with spins. Some available codes for Blade Ball will award other in game loot such as coins or abilities.

Currently in game 1 spin costs 3k Coins. Or, if you’re willing to get a bit spendy, you can use Robux. Your first spin will be discounted at least, costing a simple 49 Robux.

Your next spin will be 99 Robux, then 5 Spins for 399 Robux, and finally 10 Spins for 749 Robux.

How To Use Spins

When you load into the game you will be in the waiting lobby. Here you can interact with a few different areas for different reasons, as well as overlook the playing arena.

The spin wheel will be located in the to right corner from where the Crates are. To use the wheel, simply walk into the yellow ring surrounding the Spins wheel and a popup screen will prompt you to buy your spin (Unless of course you got a free spin through codes!).

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