Black Clover M guide – Tips to help you get started


Tip #1 – Choose the right characters from tutorial summons

Games like Black Clover M are known for their power creep as new characters will be released in the future. Luckily, the game gives you a free chance to get your hands on one of the strongest characters in the game – William Vangeance (Technique). After completing the initial tutorial, you will be taken to the summoning screen which explains all the basics of the gacha system.

Afterwards, you will be able to re-roll up to 30 times on the tutorial summoning banner, wherein each 10-pull guarantees an SSR character or SSR Skill page or a combination of both. Seize this opportunity provided by the game to either summon for William Vangeance (Technique), or Lotus Whomalt (Technique).

Both of these characters are extremely well-rounded Supporter characters that will help your damage dealers deal more DPS as well as increase your survivability. Moreover, both of them are regarded as must-haves for any account if you’re going to be participating in the intense PvP game modes or simply progressing through the campaign mode.


Tip #2 – Focusing on the main story mode after tutorial

One of the biggest tips we can provide any aspiring adventurer is to simply focus on the main story mode after the tutorial has ended. You can access it from the bottom right-hand side of the main menu. This is due to the fact that the majority of the content in the game is locked behind completing certain stages of the story mode.

Plus, you will get a lot of handy resources such as premium currency, gold, and more along the way by completing quests and advancing through the main storyline. The main attraction of completing the storyline is unlocking other game modes such as the Arena, Dungeons, and the Gateway of Destiny.


Tip #3 – The Gateway of Destiny is Amazing!

As we previously mentioned, you will need to reach a certain point in the story to unlock the Gateway of Destiny. However, the struggle is definitely worth it as you will be able to select a free seasonal character of your choice. We say free, but you need to put in the work by completing the seasonal missions to get them.

The top choices recommended by the veterans are going to be the Seasonal Yuno or Seasonal Asta, depending on if you need a damage dealer or tanker. Seasonal Mimosa is already going to be provided for free as part of the pre-registration rewards, so don’t waste this opportunity by selecting her.


Tip #4 – Make use of the Bond system

Black Clover M apparently makes use of a system where you can get shards for your favourite character simply by increasing your affinity with them. This is called the “Bond” level and can be enhanced by going to the character screen. To enhance your Bond with your characters, simply take them to battles with you in any game mode. The more you play with the character, the more affinity increase they will get.

The best part about increasing Affinity level? You will get shards for that character which you can use to boost their rarity and make them stronger! For example, each character can go up to LR rarity. Each rarity boost provides a ton of stat boosts to your character and it increases their elemental bonuses.


Tip #5 – Master the Combat Mechanics

Since this is a turn-based RPG, players might think that the entire game revolves around your character getting a turn preceded by the enemy – rinse and repeat. However, the game’s combat mechanics are much more complex than what appears on the surface. There are tens of hundreds of buffs and debuffs to learn about and make use of in strategic team compositions. Boss fights get quite rough and intense, so make sure to read the boss’s skills and check out their weaknesses.

Interact with other players in a community that jointly appreciates Black Clover M as much as you do. Get to know the elemental advantages of building team compositions. There are 3 different and distinct elements in the game:

  • Technique – Weaker against Sense but stronger against Power
  • Sense – Weaker against Power but stronger against Technique
  • Power – Weaker against Technique but stronger against Sense

Each of them is stronger or weaker than the other in a cyclic manner. Bringing characters that are stronger elementally than the enemies will provide you with an advantage. Advantageous elemental characters always deal 20% increased damage and have a 10% increased crit rate against the weaker elemental characters. On the other hand, disadvantageous elemental characters always receive 20% increased damage and have a 10% lesser critical hit rate against stronger elemental characters.