Biggest Achievements Of The Straw Hat Pirates


  • Rescuing Alabasta: Overcoming Crocodile’s tyranny to prevent a war and save a nation. Luffy’s determination shines through.
  • Defeating Enel: The crew’s hard work pays off as they bring down the god of Skypiea, ending his rule of terror.
  • Liberating Wano: Taking down Kaido and freeing Wano from his tyranny is a massive achievement for the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates are arguably the most famous pirate crew in One Piece. There are a total of ten members in the crew, and each of them has a unique trait that makes them irreplaceable.


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The Straw Hat Pirates have been involved in some of the biggest incidents in One Piece. They have taken down some of the biggest pirates in the world and freed nations from tyrants. It is quite apparent that the Straw Hat Pirates have accomplished a lot, but what is their greatest achievement?

7 Saving Alabasta

Defeated Sir Crocodile And His Minions

Luffy fights Crocodile

Crocodile and his Baroque Works were trying to take over Alabasta subtly. The Shichibukai formulated a plan with which he could take over the country without getting his hands dirty. Crocodile would have been successful in his mission if the Straw Hats had not intervened.

All the crew members put their lives on the line to save Alabasta. Luffy nearly died twice at the hands of Crocodile, but he refused to give up. Finally, he defeated Crocodile on the third attempt and prevented the country from becoming embroiled in a war. Despite their victory, the crew did not get the attention that they deserved.

6 Ending Enel’s Rule

Taking Down The God Of Skypiea

Luffy defeats Enel in One Piece Biggest Achievements Of The Straw Hat Pirates

Enel came to Skypiea after destroying his homeland. He was sadistic, violent, and ready to destroy any person who tried to stand up to him. Enel terrorized the people of Skypiea with his power. The natives were scared to speak about him in private.


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Enel’s tyranny would have continued forever had the Straw Hats not beaten him. They had to toil a lot, but ultimately, they were successful in their bid to get rid of Enel.

5 Saving Minks From Annihilation

Rescuing Minks From The Poison Gas

Straw Hats save Minks

The Minks are one of the strongest races in One Piece. They are a race of warriors who can fight before they reach adulthood. The Minks were attacked by Jack and the Beasts Pirates, who were looking for Raizo. The Minks lied to Jack because they didn’t want to hand over Raizo. But this came at a great cost, as Jack used poison gas to subdue the Minks.

When Jack didn’t get what he wanted, he left the Minks to die. They were left in a horrible condition, and the poison slowly drained their lives. Luckily, the Straw Hats arrived in the nick of time, and they fended off the remaining members of the Beasts Pirates. Then, Chopper came up with a cure to neutralize the poisonous gas. Without their intervention, the Minks would not have lived to see another day.

4 Saving Fish-Man Island

Punished Otohime’s Killer And Prevented The Island’s Destruction

Luffy beats Hody Jones

Before the Straw Hats could enter the New World, they had to make a stop on Fish-Man Island. The islanders were scared of humans because of the various atrocities that they had committed over the years. When the Straw Hats reached the island, some of the natives were unsurprisingly hostile towards them.


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Things escalated quickly, and the New Fish-Men Pirates began their onslaught and tried to kill the Straw Hat Pirates. To make things worse, Vander Decken used his Devil Fruit power to move Noah, a massive ship, and tried to make it crash on the island. While the ship was stopped by Shirahoshi’s power, it wouldn’t have been possible to do so if Vander Decken and Hody Jones weren’t defeated.

3 Storming Enies Lobby

Making Enemies With The World Government


The Straw Hats have always taken care of each other. They can go to any lengths to help each other. One of the best examples of their dedication is when they went to Enies Lobby to rescue Nico Robin. She was taken away by CP9 to Enies Lobby, which was one of the most secure World Government facilities.

While most crews would have left her behind, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to challenge the World Government head-on. When they arrived at their destination, the crew fought their way through the entire CP9 and then survived a Buster Call. This particular incident made the Straw Hats renowned throughout the world.

2 Taking Down Doflamingo

Ended Doflamingo’s Rule In Dresrossa

Luffy vs Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo took over Dressrosa forcibly by ousting King Riku Doldo III. The Shichibukai, along with his crew, remained in complete control of the kingdom until the Straw Hat Pirates came along. The Straw Hats traveled to the island at the behest of Trafalgar Law, who had a score to settle with Doflamingo.

The Donquixote Pirates had many talented fighters in their ranks, which made the job of the Straw Hats more difficult. Thankfully, they got some much-needed help from the participants at the Corrida Coliseum and the Revolutionary Army.

1 Liberating Wano

Bringing Down The World’s Strongest Creature

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The country of Wano came under Kaido’s dictatorship many years prior to the current story. The Emperor turned it into his base of operations and created several factories that produced weapons for his crew. Under his rule, Wano almost became a wasteland, and people were left to suffer without any clean water or food.

Kaido’s tyranny continued for several years until Luffy and his crew came to the country. The Straw Hats and their allies stormed Onigashima and defeated all the big names in Kaido’s crew. The Emperor was eventually taken down by Luffy after an intense fight. With Wano liberated, Kozuki Momonosuke took his place as the rightful ruler of the country. Considering the power of the Beasts Pirates, it is safe to say that freeing Wano is the biggest achievement of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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