Between the rape defamation trial and Epstein documents, Trump is giving us a sleazy January

Donald Trump lost his last-ditch effort to stall the rape defamation civil suit that E. Jean Carroll has brought against him after she accused him of raping her. And to be clear, even though a jury found him to be liable for both the sexual assault and defamation, the judge clarified that Trump indeed did rape her. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes, which Trump is begging them to do, he will begin his trial in Manhattan federal district court on Jan. 16. He’s already been found liable, the case is solely on how much damages she is entitled to over the $5 million. There’s just no way that that is going to be a good news cycle for him.

Unfortunately for Trump, the big news starting off this month is that dead sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had his court documents unsealed to name names. Trump was longtime friends with Epstein, whom he called “a terrific guy” who just happened to enjoy “younger women.” 

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Conservatives had a complete meltdown Wednesday over this and pundits have bent themselves into pretzels pre-justifying Trump’s proclivity for disgusting behavior:


You see, despite Trump’s long-known misogyny, his womanizing, his paying off a porn star to sleep with him, his alleged sexual assaults (and him bragging about them on tape), and him openly discussing his lust for his daughter Ivanka on Howard Stern’s show … he’s really a devoted, one-woman man. And you can believe that, since Alex Jones said it. 

The rest of us who aren’t morons know exactly what he is. 

The documents are part of a defamation suit by Virginia Giuffre brought against Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently serving a 20-year sentence as a fellow sex trafficker. Giuffre was allegedly one of the victims recruited by Maxwell from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to be a “masseuse” on Epstein’s island. The documents are so extensive that there will be drips of information that will come out over the next few days. And when I say extensive, I mean there are almost 1,000 pages.  

While Donald Trump’s and Bill Clinton’s names are all over the documents, Giuffre did not accuse either man of sexually assaulting her. Because of this, conservatives have been all over their social media pages saying this somehow “exonerates” Trump while simultaneously ruining Clinton somehow. Trump critics weren’t having it.



Whatever the mental gymnastics his supporters are trying to pull, nothing that comes out of those documents is going to be a benefit to Trump. Fox can play the “what about Clinton” card all it wants, but the fact is the only people running for president on Epstein’s list are RFK Jr. and Donald J. Trump. Sadly, all this month we’ll be treated to many stories and images of Trump and Epstein, and later we’ll have to discuss whatever ridiculous thing he says at the rape defamation trial. This is going to be a gross month thanks to the impulses of a monster, who happens to be the guy the GOP wants to make a dictator.  

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Correction: A previous version of this story included a tweet that included photoshopped images of Donald Trump. The tweet has been removed.

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