Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Location Is Expanding

Image: Bethesda

Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed a suspicion that many players had: the game’s map will expand southward in 2024. This uncharted territory, nestled within the wooded heartland of Shenandoah, Virginia, will introduce a large area and some new enemies, quests, and factions.

The Shenandoah location has a new quest line for Fallout 76, introducing players to unique factions and offering many rewards. Bethesda remains tight-lipped on specifics but hints at thrilling encounters with new allies and perhaps even some nefarious foes. Whether forging alliances with resourceful settlers or facing down mutated monstrosities, the untamed wilderness of Shenandoah promises to be a crucible for thrilling adventures.

This southward expansion isn’t the only treat in store for Appalachia. Spring 2024 will see the arrival of Atlantic City – America’s Playground, which is the second installment of the Atlantic City update. Players can expect to face the legendary Jersey Devil alongside a variety of new quests and unexplored areas.

Fallout 76’s seasonal events are also getting an overhaul. Their blog post promised the festivities would run more frequently throughout the year and include new challenges and exclusive rewards. Bethesda plans to introduce new seasonal events to keep things fresh but hasn’t been specific on what holidays.

These are all coming in 2024, but there’s no set date on when they will all start. Fallout 76 has become very popular over the years, and this live service game seems worth the continued investment. I’ve only played some of it, but I’ve heard great things from those who enjoy it.

If you’re looking to get into the game, I’d suggest coming in 2024 so you can see the new seasonal events and how they affect the game world.