Best Weapons and Powers in South Park Snow Day

South Park Snow Day has a modest selection of Weapons and Powers for you to play with. While I recommend experimenting, some are much stronger than others. If you want an edge in combat, here are the best Weapons and Powers in South Park Snow Day.

How to get new Weapons and Powers in South Park Snow Day

Every Weapon and Power in the game is locked behind campaign progression. Snow Day is meant to be replayable, so while your options are limited on the first playthrough, you can use anything you like in the future.

You’ll unlock every Weapon by the end of Chapter 3 and every Power by the end of Chapter 4.

Best Weapons in South Park Snow Day

There’s plenty of fun and creative tools in Snow Day, but in my experience, these are the best weapons in the game:

Two-Handed Axe

The Two-Handed Axe hits much harder than the Daggers or Sword and Shield. Considering its size, the Weapon hits pretty fast and can be charged to start a Whirlwind attack. The increased damage output feels like a necessity later on, making this the best melee weapon of the bunch.

The Two-Handed Axe also has some superb Upgrade cards. Shockwave and Thunderstruck offer superb buffs to your air slam. If you’re a fan of the Whirlwind attack, Vortex and Hurry-Cane are massive improvements.

The only Upgrade card I’m not a fan of is Thirsty Cleaver, which drops your base health in return for lifesteal. If you can find a high-rarity Thirsty Cleaver, it will take less of your health and give you an improved lifesteal, but I’d stay away from the Common versions.


The Wand has a short range for a ranged weapon but does a ton of damage and has some excellent Upgrade cards. You can also burn your foes with the Wand, which often sends them running to the nearest patch of snow.

You can’t go wrong with most of the Wand upgrades. Blast Wave offers a welcome range increase, and Tesla Coil and Chain Lightning are great for hitting multiple foes. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’m a big fan of Molotov Cocktail, which drops a bomb every time it’s depleted. You can hold the trigger down while everyone around you explodes; it’s more fun than it should be!

The only upgrade I’d avoid is Fire Elemental. You deal more damage but risk setting yourself on fire in the process. The debuff takes a long while to get rid of, so I don’t think it’s worth the hassle unless your teammates have Healing Totems.

Best Powers in South Park Snow Day

As with the Weapons, I recommend experimenting as there are some fun ideas in the Power selection. That said, these are what I recommend:

Healing Totem

Best Weapons and Powers in South Park Snow Day
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Healing Totem is available by default and is essential if you’re playing with bots. No other Power boasts the same utility, and it offers guaranteed health top-up whenever you need it. 

I get the most mileage from the Extended Aura and Reviving Aura Upgrades, which cement the Totem as an exceptional support tool. Opposing Aura and Pulsing Aura are offensive options, but I rarely find them come into play during combat. The most annoying enemies in Snow Day are archers and mages, and they never come close enough for your damaging Totem to be useful.


Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before we get into this one, yes, you’re spraying your opponents with cat pee with this Power. Cheesing supposedly turns your foes against each other, but I rarely see them attacking anything. 

Instead, your new allies usually stop attacking altogether and are effectively neutralized. Cheesing hits a wide area in front of you, and it’s easy to catch multiple opponents in a single hit. The Power doesn’t work against bosses, or a couple of unique enemies, but everything else is fair game. The effects last at least thirty seconds, which is plenty of time to dispatch even the most formidable opponents. 

Sadly, the Cheesing Upgrade cards rely on your Cheesed opponents dealing damage, which they can’t do reliably. Cheesy Zombie raises dead enemies, which is fun, but I usually spend my precious upgrades on Weapons or the Healing Totem.

Campaign progression can be tough, but you can use the Two-Handed Axe once you’ve beaten Chapter 3. There are also a few Dark Matter perks that improve your Upgrade selection. Only the Best and Power Bias both increase the odds of better Upgrades appearing and are well worth the currency. 

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