Best Ways To Make Money Fast In Coral Island


  • Coral Island is a farming simulator that allows players to farm on a tropical island and clean up the aftermath of an oil spill.
  • Winning festival mini-games and processing geodes can be profitable ways to earn money quickly in the game.
  • Farming is a reliable way to make money, with faster-growing crops offering a smaller profit but the potential for quick gold, while longer-growing crops provide repeated harvests for more money.

Coral Island has finally been released not only for PC but also for Xbox and PlayStation. The farming simulator genre has been reimagined with Coral Island as players farm on a tropical island that sees the players not only grow crops and look after animals but also make an effort to clean up the island since a recent oil spill that saw the beautiful landscape destroyed.


Coral Island: Festivals That Give The Best Rewards

Festivals are the perfect way to wind down and have fun with the townsfolk. This list outlines the most rewarding festivals in Coral Island.

Naturally, for the player to expand their farm, they will need money. Just focusing on farming is quite a slow process of earning gold and that’s why these are the best ways to make money fast in Coral Island.

Updated February 25, 2024, by Megan Smith: A large part of Coral Island is money-making. Players will require funds to purchase the seeds they grow, the animals they tend to, and the upgrades needed to make even more money. Coral Island shows players how to make money in many ways, which isn’t just planting crops and hoping they are of higher quality. Knowing these methods is crucial for increasing the profit players earn. While some farmers may have already started making a stable profit in Coral Island depending on how long they have been playing the game, these are still the best ways to make money for those that are still looking for an extra bit of help running their tropical farm.

1 The Ocean Bed Is Full Of Treasures

Anything The Player Picks Up Is A Way To Make Money


While the player is likely to be sent to the ocean to help the locals of Coral Island clean up their ocean since a previous oil spill, players are likely to encounter all sorts of consumable items that can be foraged.

While it may be tempting for a player to consume each one of these things they pick up while cleaning up the ocean for extra energy to keep going, it’s important to keep a hold on the ones that have a bronze or higher star on them. These can be sold for a little extra gold, so players can make some money while also helping the town.

  • Red Sea Urchin – 60
  • Heart Urchin – 55
  • Olympia Oyster – 55

2 Artisan Profits Sell For More

Titan Arum Black Honey in Coral Island

Besides growing the usual crops, players may wish not to sell these delicious fruits and vegetables straight away. If a player has some patience and the right level, players can build various pieces of Artisan equipment that can increase the amount of money a sold crop can give them.

From pickling hot peppers to grinding wheat into flour at a mill. Turning these plain old planted goods into something greater will ensure players are making the most money possible. Once again, the better quality the crop used, the better quality the outcome will be too.

  • Cactus Mead – 5,470
  • Titan Arum Black Honey – 2,500
  • Large Gesha Coffee – 1,430

3 Winning Festival Mini Games

Fast Money At A Festival But Must Wait For One First

Tree Planting in Coral Island

While Festivals only happen once or twice every season, the available events have the potential to allow the player to make a quick chunk of money as long as they can win. For example, during the Cherry Blossom Potluck, there is a competition the player can get involved in that sees the player race the other island villagers in a sack.


Coral Island: The Best Artisan Goods To Make Money

Farmers can get rich quickly in Coral Island by making these artisan goods.

By getting first place, the player will earn themselves a thousand gold. The amount of money decreases for both the second and third places, with any other placement not receiving gold. There are also many other mini-games for players to join in with.

  • Animal Festival
  • Beach Cleanup Day
  • Winter Fair

4 Processing Coffers Has A Chance Of Making A Profit

Potential To Make Money If A Repeat Find


When mining in the Caverns or exploring the ocean, the player has a chance of finding different sorts of Coffers. Inside these Coffers, different things can be found. When on a mining trip, especially on a rainy day when the player is unlikely to use up their energy on anything else if a player is lucky, they are sure to find multiple coffers that they can then take to the blacksmith to break open.

Inside these coffers may be an artifact that needs to be donated to the museum. These items can also be sold for a large sum of money. If a player doesn’t want to gamble the worth of their coffer, this chest itself can even be sold for a fair base price.

  • Silver Fork – 1,100
  • Silver Spoon – 1,100
  • Ceramic Vase – 1,050

5 Farming Is Still A Great Way To Make Money

Takes As Long As The Seeds Take To Grow

Coral Island Steam screenshot cow on farm

As mentioned, farming can take several days to make a profit for the player, as they must first wait for the seed to grow into a full crop. However, with some dedication, the player has the potential to make a lot of money fairly quickly.

Seeds that grow fast, such as something that only takes four days, may only harness a small profit for the player but can still help make a lot of gold quickly. Meanwhile, other crops that take longer to grow may repeatedly have produce for the player to harvest and therefore make them more money.

  • Water Melon – 105
  • Hot Peppers – 36
  • Soy Beans – 19

6 Completing Errands For The Townsfolk

Urgent Errands Can Be Done Instantly

No new Errand in Coral Island

Occasionally, next to Sam’s General Store, there will be an exclamation mark above the wooden board. Here, players can view the calendar for all future events. Apart from this, they can even see if the island townsfolk need anything; this is called an Errand.


Coral Island: Every Farm Animal, Ranked

Here’s what animals are the best for aspiring farmers to raise in Coral Island.

Some of these errands will give players several days to grow a crop that the character requires. On other occasions, it is deemed an Urgent Errand and therefore, will need to be completed even quicker. Once finishing an errand, the player will receive relationship points with the character as well as some gold for getting the task done.

7 Exploring The Mines Can Find Good Loot

coral island level 25 caverns

Besides Coffers, which can be found inside the Cavern – also known as the Mines – players can find geodes as well as other resources and fight deadly foes. These foes will increase in numbers and difficulty the deeper the player goes into the Mines.

While some loot dropped by these enemies can be used in various crafting recipes, the other things can easily be sold for a profit. Geodes, when processed at a blacksmith, can also give players spare gems as well as other resources that they may not immediately need. Therefore, those items can be thrown into the sell bin too.

  • Pink Diamond – 653
  • Red Beryl – 527
  • Ruby – 486

8 Completing Quests For The Band Of Smiles

Usually Easy To Finish Fast

A B.O.S Errand in Coral Island

The Band of Smiles is an organization that hopes to keep the Caverns and surrounding areas safe by defeating the monsters that lurk there. The player will be introduced to this group of people and become a member of it by advancing deeper into the Earth Cavern. Like the errand board that can be found next to the general store, even the B.O.S. members require the farmer’s aid.

Usually, these quests will task the player with collecting various items from the mines. This includes drops from monsters to simply obtaining essence from mining within certain places. They are even quicker to complete than the average errand.

9 Foraging Around The Forest

Can Be Done Whenever And Daily

Coral Island - Dig Spot

If the player doesn’t feel like risking their lives in the mines or doesn’t want to spend the day on the farm, another quick and easy way to make money is simply collecting what nature has gifted to the people of Coral Island. Every season has various flowers, mushrooms, and other foragables to find by simply exploring the island.


Coral Island: The Best Things To Do Besides Farming

Farming isn’t the only thing that players can partake in during their stay on Coral Island. These activities are also worthwhile.

There is plenty to be found that can easily be sold for a couple of extra coins. While it may be a great idea to keep a hold of some of these items, such as gifting flowers to the islanders or food to keep the player’s energy up, there is enough to still sell.

  • Rafflesia – 420
  • Coconut De Mer – 150
  • Ginseng – 90

10 Fishing And Catching Bugs Is Quick And Easy

Makes Money The Quickest And Easiest


By far, one of the greatest and fastest ways to make money in Coral Island has been one of the most reliable methods in a variety of farming simulators. This includes fishing or catching insects. Since living on a tropical island, players are likely to find all sorts of critters as they adventure around.

While the first one caught should always be donated to the museum with a possible second one being offered to the goddess, the rest of the fish and bugs caught can be happily sold. Some rarer finds will give the player more money than others, and rainy days are always a great time to spend the whole time fishing for literal gold.

  • Giant Sea Bass – 845
  • Giant Stingray – 845
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly – 625

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