Best Warcraft Rumble Decks For Each Faction

Warcraft Rumble is an addicting mobile game that’s perfect for anyone needing their Warcraft fix on the go. There is more to it than just mindlessly pushing a button with hundreds of ways to build up your team in PvP and PvE battles.

Warcraft Rumble has players build a team around a Leader with six troops. Each leader and troop member will have their own unique abilities. Leaders can either take a more active role or a support role that will boost the troop minis. Troop minis can take familiar rolls like tank and DPS, so the order in which players place them is key. Each playable mini, Leaders and Troops, belongs to a specific faction, but with this game, mixing them up is a good thing. There is no such thing as the Horde vs Alliance rivalry here.

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Best Alliance Deck Warcraft Rumble

Tirion Fordring is going to be the best Alliance Leader, especially in the early stages of the game. He is a tank-like mini with a high HP and can heal himself in between battles. However, he is slower than most minis, so players will need faster minis to distract enemies and buy them time to catch up.

S.A.F.E Pilot is my favorite archer to use, with her ability to be put anywhere on the board and cause a lot of damage by crashlanding at the chosen area. She’s great for dealing damage directly to the enemy boss while trying to get troops, or Tirion, further along. Huntress is really fast and can deal damage to multiple targets in one go.

The Abomination is the tank that’s great for taking out enemy archers with its ability to hook and pull them in. It has high HP and can take hits from the opponent’s Tower damage. The Worgen is also perfect for taking care of range enemies as a stealth mini. Both Abomination and Worgen can be deployed anywhere on the map, with Worgens giving a +1 gold bonus if no allies are nearby.

Harpies are the flyers of the team. When deployed, three harpies will appear, dealing double damage on their first strike. They have the ability to collect cold-like minors, which will make them the main collectors on the team to keep the system going.

Best Horde Deck Warcraft Rumble

Cairne Bloodhoof is a tank with high HP levels that can soak up the hits coming from the Towers. His attacks will stun enemies on top of the damage dealt. His leadership ability grants troops an increase in health by 20%. He has the possible ability to resurrect once after dyeing with 50% health.

Stonehoof Tauren will be the second tank on the team. This mini has the ability to charge opponents with a chance to charge a second time if the first one hits. It will hit hard, then hit again, stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

Dark Iron Minor, while having the ability to do melee damage, will primarily focus on collecting gold. It can be put anywhere on the map, so make sure to put the mini as close to gold as possible. Thankfully, this minor is not as squishy as the first minor players get at the beginning of the game.

The living bomb is a spell that deals elemental damage. It is strong against armored enemies. Spells can be placed anywhere on the map, making them super handy to have in your rotation. The Frostwolf Shaman also deals elemental damage that’s strong against armored enemies. It also acts as a healer to allies nearby while giving them a layer of protection with a shield.

Welp Eggs are the chaos agents of this deck build. Players can deploy them anywhere, unleashing a mini horde of baby dragons onto the enemy troops. They also have the ability to taunt, making them the ultimate distraction.

Best Undead Deck Warcraft Rumble

Bloodmage Thalnos is the leader of this deck and has the ability to gain 1 level for each spell played. He is a range attack mini that has the ability to increase its attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds for every spell cast.

Because of Bloodmage Thalnos’ abilities, this will be a spell-heavy deck with Holy Nova, Arcane Blast, and Chain Lightning being the focus. Chain Lightning is the cheapest of the three, only costing two gold, and deals large amounts of damage against swarms of little enemies like annoying chickens. Holy Nova is the healing spell that also deals elemental damage to any foes nearby. Allies will also gain Armored and Resist for 5 seconds. Arcane Blast is the main damage spell that doubles the damage dealt with each tap, but players must spend gold for each tap.

Abomination, Ghoul, and Frostwolf mins will act as supports for Bloodmage Thalnos. There will be additional DPS, Tank, and range attacks as needed in between spells cast.

Best Beast Deck Warcraft Rumble

Old Murk-Eye is the Leader of this Warcraft Rumble Beast deck. Old Murk-Eye has the ability to summon other Murkloc Tidehunters, one for every gold used to summon Old Murk-Eye. Thanks to this ability, players can use less of the allotted team slots for other character minis and use them for spells.

Holy Nova is going to be the best way to heal all those summoned Murklocs. Cheat Death will prevent minis from dying for a few extra seconds and grants the ability to heal when dealing damage. Skeletons can be resurrected at the player’s base when they die. Polymorph is the chaos spell that turns enemies into fluffy floating sheep for a short period of time. There is a chance that someone will turn into a golden sheep, which will grant one gold if killed.

Raptors are cheap and fast to strike. They deal 10% more damage for every raptor nearby. Every tap deploys another raptor and costs one extra gold. Quilboar is also cheap to deploy and can be placed anywhere on the map. They are resistant to elemental magic, taking only 50% of the damage, making them an ideal tank. Dark Iron Minor will be the gold getter and bonus melee damage.

Best Blackrock Deck Warcraft Rumble

The Leader of this deck is General Drakkisath, who has the ability to increase the elemental damage dealt to nearby enemies by 50%. He is resistant to elemental damage and has a high HP, making him the main tank of the team. Molten Giant is the second tank of the team with a resistance to physical damage and deals double damage against towers with the Siege Damage ability.

Darkspear Troll is an excellent addition to the range attackers. This mini can deal a great amount of damage to enemies with its spear throw. It also regenerates 20% of its health every second and has an increase in attack and movement speed by 10% for every kill with a max of 50%. Frostwolf Shaman will be able to deal with elemental attacks and heal allies in between Holy Nova uses.

Deal damage to the opponent’s boss with the S.A.F.E. Pilot while your troops wreak havoc on the field, making you almost unstoppable.

Overall Best Minis to Have in a Deck in the Beginning

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Some minis that are my favorite and work well in almost any deck are the following.

  • S.A.F.E Pilot
  • Darkspear Troll
  • Footman

All three of these are great in their own right and work well for the beginning part of the game while players are still collecting more minis to add to their team. The Footman min was a game changer for me in the beginning with deploying four at a time that can deal large amounts of damage while being able to take a hit.