Best Units In The Hittites Faction

The Hittite faction is one of three key civilizations accessible to players in Total War: Pharaoh, along with Ancient Egypt and the Canaanites. The Hittites have a lot of strong units, with an emphasis on strong melee combat and good mobility, as well as heavy armor and defensive bonuses. With a range of strong infantry and chariot units, they can be one of the more entertaining factions to play as, and one of the more difficult ones to face.

Players will be able to recruit these units into their army either by playing as the Hittite faction in the game’s campaign or custom battle modes, or by conquering Hittite territories and recruiting natives. Many Hittite units can be of great value to an army, particularly when it comes to their defensive abilities. These qualities can make them ideal for guarding captured settlements and territories.

7 Veteran Hittite Spearmen

Strong defensive unit ideal for protecting Archers and Generals.

Veteran Hittite Spearman are a powerful heavy infantry unit with a special bonus when fighting against chariots. With 125 Armor and 46 Melee Defense, this unit is best used to protect other, more vulnerable units, and is best placed defensively.

With considerably weaker offensive stats such as 31 Melee Attack, 26 Speed and only a mere 17 Charge Bonus, it is best to send this unit on an attack only as a last resort or when faced with considerably weaker enemies. Nonetheless, the Veteran Hittite Spearmen are supremely effective as an anti-cavalry defense, and few units can come close to matching them in that regard.

6 Veteran Hattusan Axemen

A powerful melee unit that will stay in the fight longer than most.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Veteran Hattusan Axemen

Veteran Hattusan Axemen are an elite infantry unit who specialize in taking on opponents equipped with shields. Particularly useful against strong defensive infantry, the Veteran Hattusan Axemen have a phenomenal number of Health Points at 20,400, almost double that of many of their infantry counterparts.


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The unit can be used both offensively and defensively and carries a strong 125 Armor, 60 Damage and 65 Morale. The Veteran Hattusan Axemen also possess the Storm Warrior perk, which increases their combat effectiveness during rain and stormy weather conditions.

5 Royal Hittite Chargers

Elite club infantry with a bonus to Charging.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Royal Hittite Chargers

Royal Hittite Chargers are a supremely effective two-handed club infantry unit who are capable of taking just about any enemy type so long as they are in close range. With 45 Melee Attack and 44 Charge Bonus, the unit is best used to make short charges to engage nearby enemies.

Additionally, the Royal Hittite Chargers can also use missiles to attack enemies from range. The unit has 50 Missile Damage, but a relatively short 75 Range. Still, the versatility of this unit and its high statistics across the board make it one of the best infantry units in the game.

4 Royal Hittite Chariots

Versatile chariot unit capable of inflicting damage from range and up close.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Royal Hittite Chariots

Royal Hittite Chariots are among the strongest chariots in the game, and are effective from both long range and when charging into enemy forces. Their 92 Speed and 92 Charge Bonus make them very mobile and capable of charging repeatedly into stationary units.


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With 73 Missile Damage and 70 Range, they can also be kept at a safe distance while dealing out considerable damage against enemy melee units. Their limited ammunition means that these ranged skirmishes can only be utilized a handful of times, so it is wise to employ this tactically where possible.

3 Golden Spearmen

Elite spear unit with strong melee and defensive abilities.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Golden Spearmen

Golden Spearmen are arguably the strongest Spear & Shield infantry unit in the game, with a bonus against chariots and resistance to flanking maneuvers. This unit has 130 Armor and 70 Morale, making them less likely to route and much harder to thin out than even the toughest of defensive units.

The Golden Spearmen can fare well when it comes to offense too, with a decent 36 Melee Attack and 46 Damage. The unit also possesses the Underdog perk, which will give them a bonus when fighting against multiple enemy units at the same time.

2 Hittite Vanguard

Heavily armored defensive spear unit with good attacking abilities.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Hittite Vanguard

The Hittite Vanguard are among the most elite infantry units available to the Hittite faction. This Two-Handed Club unit has 20,400 HP and an impressive 43 Charge Bonus combined with 59 Damage. All the unit’s other stats are very well-balanced, leaving no obvious weakness for enemies to exploit.


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In addition to having great base stats, the Hittite Vanguard also have a number of powerful perks, including Armored and Armor-Piercing. They also have the Experts in Flanking perk, which will grant them additional damage when attacking enemies from the side or rear.

1 Mesedi

Strongest unit in the Hittite faction with supreme melee abilities.

Total War Pharaoh Best Hittite Faction Units Mesedi-1

The Mesedi are the elite axe and shield infantry for the Hittite faction and one of the best melee infantry units in the game. With 44 Melee Attack and 50 Melee Defense, very few units are able to stand toe-to-toe with the Mesedi and come out better-off.

The Mesedi also have 70 Morale, making them harder to route, in addition to the Storm Warrior and Underdog perks which will assist them at various times throughout different battles. In general, almost no units are able to take on the Mesedi alone. This can be used to create all kinds of tactical advantages on the battlefield.

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October 11, 2023

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