October 3, 2023

With huge releases like Starfield, there’s always a huge amount of merchandise to capitalise on the hype. So if you’re looking to show your fandom, you might be asking “What is the best Starfield merch?

Of course, there’s also the Starfield Xbox headset and limited edition controller, but we wanted to find some of the more unusual Starfield merch. So to that end, we’ve sifted through the internet to find what we think are the best Starfield merch you can get for your hard earned cash. While some of the items on this list may be obvious, there’s a few surprises as well – and potential ideas for gifts for that special person in your life who’s just as into Starfield as you are.

Starfield Flight Jacket

(Images from the Insert Coin Clothing website)

Let’s kick off with this stylish flight jacket from premier gaming fashion brand Insert Coin Clothing. The flight jacket itself is a classic style wise, and the Starfield twist has it in the game’s signature blue hue. There’s some top notch details too, including the Constellation logo patch on the arm and a tag on the zipper with the motto ‘Into the Starfield’ on the pocket.

Starfield Skateboard (Ariel Skate Deck)

Image from Bethesda Gear Store

We’re not exactly sure why this is being referred to as an ‘Ariel Skate Deck’ rather than a skateboard. Nor do we know what a skateboard has to do with Starfield (we’re not aware of a secret Tony Hawk crossover at any rate) but nethertheless, it’s pretty cool you can get yourself a Starfield skateboard from the official Bethesda store. Of note – this is just the board, so if you actually want to ride it around and not just hang it up as an art piece, you’ll have to provide the wheels.

Starfield Explorer’s Bundle

Images from Bethesda Gear Store

Why yes, we’d love a statue of everyone’s favourite robotic Starfield companion. And that’s what you get in this Starfield Explorer’s Bundle that also includes 3 decal sheets of stickers based on the game’s achievement icons thrown in too. You’ll have to be quick with this one, as only 300 are being made – but it’s a lovely highly detailed statue that’ll sit nicely on your desk, ready for adventure.

Starfield Socks

Images from Stance official website

Bethesda has teamed up with NBA sock suppliers Stance to create some official Starfield socks. While your character might be freezing on the dark side of the moon, you can be sure your toes will stay nice and toasty. They come in two designs currently – a light, Constellation Crew version and a darker standard crew sock. If you can’t choose, you can also get a box set of both pairs together with a fancy Starfield branded box.

We’ll keep our eyes out for any more merch that grabs our attention and add it here. For more on Starfield, check out our Starfield Easter Eggs – every secret we know about so far guide, or have a look at our Starfield map – every location on the Starmap explained.

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