Best Stardew Valley Co-Op Mods


  • Stardew Valley mods can greatly enhance the co-op gaming experience, offering features like warping to friends and automating repetitive tasks.
  • The Stardew Valley Expanded mod adds a significant amount of new content, making it feel like a true expansion to the game.
  • Other mods like the Date Night mod and Unlimited Players mod provide additional fun and customization options for co-op gameplay.

Stardew Valley has long been a favorite among players who enjoy a life sim that goes above and beyond the mundane, offering the experience of creating an entire life and going on adventures. One of the game’s features is the ability to play online with friends. What could possibly be better than this? Mods that improve the co-op experience.

There are so many mods for Stardew Valley that players may not know where to start to achieve their desired results. With the right mods, they can improve their co-op gaming experience, having even more fun with their friends. Here’s a look at the best mods designed just for that.


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Updated February 12, 2024, by Ivan Abadier: When it comes to multiplayer mods, it is important to note that ideally, all the players should have the same mods installed. Otherwise, there may be unforeseen complications, and players are very likely to run into bugs and crashes.

That said, unless otherwise specified, most mods should work in multiplayer, so players are free to experiment with different modifications, depending on their needs. At the end of the day, just like the game offers a wide variety of gameplay and mechanics, there are nearly infinite ways to change, enhance, and add elements to the beloved farming simulator using the vast library of available mods.

12 Warp To Friends

Endorsements: 953

Warp To Friends

The mechanic of warping to friends is fairly common in other survival games, such as Minecraft and Terraria. The game’s map is fairly large, and it is quite easy to be very far from each other. And sometimes, especially in the Mines or the Skull Caverns, a friend might find themselves in dire need of help and support.

With this mod, players can effortlessly and instantly join their friends, and continue their journey together. Given that the mod only allows teleportation to friends, it isn’t even too game-breaking, as players will still need to build totems to get back home.

11 Stardew Valley Expanded

Endorsements: 97,896

10 Stardew Valley Expanded

At this point, SVE is one of the most downloaded mods on the platform, and it isn’t at all difficult to see why. The mod adds so much content, that it truly feels like an actual Expansion. From new NPCs to recipes, machines, locations, quests and so much more.


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It is a great option to install for a multiplayer game, as it adds so many more activities that players can engage in together. Some players have reported having trouble with the new events, but there are multiple fixes and workarounds. As always, players are encouraged to carefully read the description page of every mod they install.

9 Automate

Endorsements: 67,010


Automate is truly a godsend of a mod, and many players can no longer imagine playing without it. Given just how many more resources players can process in a multiplayer game, automating the process of refining and machining just makes so much sense.

From pickling and brewing, to trap fishing and smelting, so many rather repetitive tasks can be fully automated, giving players more time to do the activities that they enjoy. Multiplayer also really highlights the efficiency of the process, eventually showering players with hundreds of premium produce and refined materials. Finding expensive gifts will never again be a problem.

8 Date Night Mod

Endorsements: 6,938

a date in Stardew Valley

The Date Night Mod is interesting because it can be used in solo play or co-op. The point of the mod is to allow players to have dates with their chosen romantic candidates. However, it can be expanded to allow for double dates in co-op mode. Players can enjoy a night on the town with friends or go on a date with their spouse.


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The mod is fully compatible with other mods in co-op. There are a variety of dates to choose from, making it an exciting addition to the gameplay. Players looking for a bit more fun in their co-op experience should definitely try adding dates for some late-night fun.

7 Unlimited Players Mod

Endorsements: 5,420

co-op mode in Stardew Valley

Just like the name implies, this mod allows players to break free from the limitations co-op places on them regarding the number of players that can join them in Stardew Valley. With Unlimited Players, there can be literally as many players as the host wants to include.

The best part about this mod is that only one person needs to have it for everyone to take advantage of it. This makes it much easier to manage, ensuring all the player’s friends get to participate. The only downside is trying to keep track of everyone, but crafty players will find a way around it.

6 Always On Server Mod

Endorsements: 842

co-op mode in Stardew Valley

With the Always On Server mod, the player can host their own server that stays on 24/7 even when they are not online. This mod allows the multiplayer gameplay to continue indefinitely without pesky interruptions, such as the host needing to sleep.


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It’s easy to use, as the host is the only player who needs to install it. It also features a built-in bot that will function as the host while the actual host is offline. This ensures the co-op mode remains smooth while the player does other things.

5 Health And Stamina Regeneration Mod

Endorsements: 3,156

 animals in Stardew Valley

Instead of carrying around extra food all the time during co-op runs, players can use the Health and Stamina Regeneration mod. As the name implies, it will allow players to regenerate their stamina and regeneration during their co-op runs, allowing them to go longer and need fewer consumables.

While this mod is great for co-op mining runs, it’s also excellent for single-player mode. The benefits of not wasting away during these mining hunts are exponential.

4 Stardew Valley Roguelike Mod

Endorsements: 493

with the animals in Stardew Valley

Roguelike games are hugely popular and offer something more challenging than Stardew Valley. However, with the Stardew Valley Roguelike Mod, players can add this element to their favorite game. It adds features such as new boss battles and an online leaderboard.


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It’s a perfect addition to co-op mode for friends looking to go on a challenge together. This mod will make co-op runs even more exciting, adding to the thrill of playing with others.

3 FarmhandFinder Mod

Endorsements: 50

the farm in Stardew Valley

When players are tired of looking for their friends, the FarmhandFinder mod comes in handy. This mod places little icons where all their friends are, so they can easily locate them, much like the NPCs.

It works wherever the players are, from the mines to the farm. This mod definitely makes co-op mode a lot easier when players need to find their friends quickly instead of trying to track them down in the dark.

2 Safe Reading Mod

Endorsements: 51

fishing in Stardew Valley

As most players are probably aware, during co-op mode, pausing or going in the menu for anything doesn’t stop the action in a mine run. They can still take damage. Luckily, there’s a mod for that. The Safe Reading mod allows players to open the menu and not take any damage.


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This is a co-op exclusive mod that will not work in single-player mode. It must be installed by every player who wishes to take advantage of it. Gone are the days of getting sacked while looking through the menu.

1 Stardew Aquarium

Endorsements: 3,933

in town in Stardew Valley

Much like Animal Crossing, the Stardew Aquarium mod adds an aquarium to the game that players can work together in co-op to build and visit. They’ll make donations, tour, and bring their friends.

This mod is not exclusive to co-op mode and can be used in single-player. However, it offers a new location for co-op play and things to do that were not available before. It’s a great choice for players needing something new and exciting.

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