Best NPCs In Pokemon


  • Steven Stone, the champion from Generation Three, gives players access to Mega Evolution in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Bill, a Poke-Maniac NPC, offers players his storage system and Eevee, which can be helpful in battles if used wisely.
  • Korrina, a gym leader in the sixth generation, gives players the Mega Ring for Mega Evolution mechanics, crucial for progress in X and Y.

The NPCs in the Pokemon games are there to make the new regions feel like real places and help the player progress. There are only a few NPCs who exist in the franchise to cause the player trouble, but even these can be battled for additional experience. On the whole, the NPCs in the Pokemon franchise are pretty great.


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Then there are those NPCs who are a cut above the rest. This is either because they are extremely helpful during the games, or are an iconic fixture in their own right. Whatever the reason, it still makes them one of the best NPCs in all Pokemon.

7 Steven Stone

Always Giving Useful Advice

Pokemon Shiny Metagross With Steven Stone

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Steven Stone is possibly one of the most recognizable faces from the Generation Three Pokemon games. This is because the Steel-type specialist acts as the champion for the region in both Ruby and Sapphire. Even in Pokemon Emerald, Stephen acts as a boss fight in the post-game when Wallace achieves the rank of champion.

Even outside his status as the region’s champion, Steven Stone still has a big presence in these games. He is always on hand to give the player useful advice during the fight between them and the evil Team Magma or Team Aqua. What’s more, Steven is the ever-helpful NPC who gives players access to Mega Evolution in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by giving them the Key Stone.

6 Bill

Gives Players His Storage System

Pokemon Bill

Pokemon Red and Blue

September 28, 1998


The self-designated Poke-Maniac, Bill is an NPC that players can first find in the Generation One games on Route 25, above Cerulean City. When entering this famous NPC’s house, players will notice that Bill has swapped places with a Pokemon in one of his experiments. Once the player has helped Bill return to his own body, they are rewarded with access to his Pokemon storage system. This system isn’t anything special, but they also get tickets to the SS Anne, the crucial next step in their journey.

Bill makes another appearance in the second generation, where he is a lot more helpful. This NPC can be found in his family’s house in Goldenrod City. He will give players access to his storage system again, and time capsules that allow the player to trade their Pokemon over from previous games. Also, he gives them an Eevee, which can be a helpful team member if used well.

5 Korrina

Gives Players The Mega Ring

Pokemon anime Korrina smiling and adjusting her helmet

Pokemon X and Y

October 12, 2023


On the surface, Korrina seems like another gym leader NPC who isn’t that helpful. However, this Fighting-type specialist is more essential in the sixth generation than first impressions would have players believe.

For starters, battling in her gym is fun, but the rematch at the top of the Tower of Mastery is highly rewarding. After the player defeats Korrina once again, she will give players the Mega Ring. This item allows the player to use Mega Evolution for the rest of the game. On top of this, Korrina also lets the player keep the Lucario that they first met alongside Korrina on Route 5, a Pokemon that is great at utilizing the Mega Evolution battle mechanic. In many ways, Korrina is the only reason players are allowed to progress in the latter parts of X and Y.

4 Farris

Offers A Highly Advantageous Trade

Pokemon X and Y Cyllage City

A majority of the trades with NPCs in Pokemon games are fair. They normally involve players trading a Pokemon for one of the same type, or at the same skill level. The only bonus that players receive after a trade is that the new Pokemon will gain a boosted amount of experience from battle. However, there is one trade in the games that is massively advantageous to the player.


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When players enter Cyllage City in Pokemon X and Y, they can find a house that belongs to a great NPC named Farris. After talking to Farris, he will offer the player the chance to trade their Luvdisc for a Steelix. Luvdisc is a Water-type Pokemon with a base stat total of 330, whereas Steelix is a Steel and Ground-type with a base stat total of 510. Therefore, this is a trade that greatly benefits the player, especially since this trade can be made before the second gym.

3 Cynthia

Gives The Player Useful Items For Progression

Screenshot Of Cynthia In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

April 22, 2007


In many ways, Cynthia fills the same role as Steven Stone in Generation Four. This is because she is the champion of the Sinnoh region, and helps the player out on several occasions during their journey. However, it can be argued that Cynthia helps the player out in more ways than Steven.

Players first run into this NPC in Eterna City, where Cynthia gives them the HM01 for Cut. This object is vital for progressing to the next part of the game, but Cynthia isn’t done helping the player yet. After obtaining the fourth gym badge in Pastoria City, the player will run into the champion again while they are chasing a Team Galactic grunt. This time, though, Cynthia will give the player the item necessary for removing the Psyduck blocking the path to Celestic Town.

2 Professor Oak

A Legendary Figure From The Anime

Professor Oak and Kanto Starters

The professor in every Pokemon region is a great help to the player. These NPCs are the ones who give players their first Pokemon, and they also give them a Pokedex to help them record every new Pokemon that they encounter. Some of them even show up later to congratulate the player on beating the Pokemon League. Professor Oak is one of these professors, but he has a bigger role to play in the series.


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Aside from being the first professor in the Pokemon franchise, this NPC is also beloved by fans because of the big role he played in the Pokemon anime. He also makes an appearance in Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Channel, and shows up in Generation Two games to give players the Pokedex.

1 Nurse Joy

The Hero Of Every Main Series Game

Nurse Joy in the Pokemon anime and again in the Let's Go! games

Nurse Joy is the unsung hero of every mainline Pokemon game. She doesn’t show up to give the player advice or any new items, but without her, players would find it next to impossible to finish any Pokemon game. This NPC is found in every major city in every game, and will willingly heal the player’s Pokemon for free.

The fact that she can be everywhere at once is something the anime makes a joke out of by stating that all Nurse Joy’s in the Pokemon world are cousins, though, this is not something that comes up in the games. Nurse Joy merely exists as part of the furniture to get players from one obstacle to the next without asking for anything in return. As a result, Nurse Joy is expected to continue making appearances in future Pokemon games, which is great considering she is arguably the best NPC.


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