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Castle Clash has a fairly large pool of different characters, which vary in rarity and, of course, abilities. But despite this, some of the heroes perform much more effectively in battle than others. Therefore, to make it easier for you to choose the best heroes in Castle Clash, this guide has ranked them.

The developers of Castle Clash add new heroes with almost every update, so the balance of power is constantly changing. That said, the best heroes are still the best, and they are the ones players should prioritize.


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Castle Clash: Heroes Tier List

A victory screen in Castle Clash

Getting the best heroes in Castle Clash is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. All you need to do is progress by doing all the activities in the game. This way, players will easily collect enough Hero Cards, Gems, and Honor Badges needed for the in-game Gacha. To make it easier for you to decide who is worth using and who is not, all the heroes have been ranked from best to worst in the table below.




Wallawalla, Lady Weldcore, Crystella, Tundrahoof, Dynamica, Axe Punisher, Boreal Fox, Serratica, Rambard, Murderous Crow, Occultist, Sword Sage, Cold Heir, Lazulix, Michael, Flower Fae, Lavanica, Vermilica


Rune Master, Barbarian Rider, Gravedigger, Stormwing, Spartan Spearman, Colossus, Underworld Judge, Royal Mummy, Drunken Simian, Water Priestess, Boa Queen, Po, Searing Slayer, Inquisitess, Miss Magic, Bloody Mary, Tai Lung, Despotic Maestro, Athene, Pumpkin Duke, Primeval Golem, Zephyrica, Flame Darklord, Cosmo, Hex Painter


Cosmic Pugilist, Demon Stalker, Mad Inventor, Grief Harpist, Anubis, Cold Conjuress, Phobos, Catty Spirit, Flutterelle, Dove Keeper


Merksha, Young Spark, Cirrina, Dread Drake, Gunslinger, Commodora, Crystal Wraith, Ronin, Berserker, Massacre, Genteel Droid, Trixie Treat

It is important to note that this is a subjective ranking, so it may differ from your own. Here are the criteria for each Tier:

  • S-Tier – The best heroes in Castle Clash.
  • A-Tier – Good characters that can shine almost as well as S-Tier heroes.
  • B-Tier – Average and niche heroes.
  • C-Tier – The weakest characters in Castle Clash who should not be used anywhere beyond the first stages of the game.



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Who Are The Best Heroes In Castle Clash?

Thunder God and resting his fist in the ground and Kung Fu Panda posing in Castle Clash

There are quite a few S-Tier characters for Castle Clash players to make use of, which means that everyone will be able to find someone that suits their playstyle. We recommend that you especially pay attention to Lazulix and Occultist.

  • Lazulix can effectively defend and attack thanks to their ice shield.
  • Occultist is good at both poisoning enemies and buffing allies.

That’s everything you need to know about the best heroes in Castle Clash. Relying on the provided tier list, you can easily discover the strongest characters for yourself and defeat any enemies you come up against along the way.

Castle Clash is available on PC, iOS, and Android.


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