Best Empire Unique Buildings In Stellaris


  • Build specific unique buildings strategically to enhance an empire’s growth and power in Stellaris.
  • Focus on optimizing base building to produce resources, jobs, and bonuses to outshine one’s rivals.
  • Prioritize unlocking and utilizing empire-exclusive buildings to gain an edge in the galaxy-wide competition.

In all 4X games, base building has always been a crucial part of the gameplay loop, as players will be required to have an optimally utilized base, or in Stellaris’ case, colonies, if they want to have a chance of winning the game in the long run. In Stellaris, the colonies can be enhanced by having buildings which in turn produce jobs that can create resources for the empire to thrive.


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Among these buildings, some exclusive ones can only be built once in the whole empire, making it crucial for players to know when and where to place them in one of their colonies. Some of these empire-unique buildings are more crucial than others due to the resources and bonuses they provide.

7 Grand Embassy Complex

Take Control Of The Galactic Politics With Ease

stellaris-Embassy Complex

  • Increase available envoy by 2
  • Increase Politician jobs by 2

During the early to mid-game phase, a Galactic Community will be founded after an empire that is not a gestalt or genocidal (Fanatical Purifier/Determined Exterminator/Devouring Hive) has made contact with more than 70% of the galaxy. Steering the wheel of the Galactic Community is crucial for any empire that wishes to survive the galaxy comfortably, as long as they are not a Fanatical Purifier.

By building a Grand Embassy Complex, an empire will gain 2 more envoys that can be assigned to improve relations with other galactic neighbors, enabling players to gain their favor for a crucial vote in the Galactic Community. Moreover, the added Politician jobs will ensure the capital in which the building was built progresses smoothly.

6 Military Academy

Cheap, Efficient Way To Increase The Precious Naval Capacity

stellaris-Military Academy

  • Increases naval capacity by 5%
  • Increases Politician job by 1 (or 2 Evaluators for Gestalt Consciousness empire)
  • Increases Commander leader capacity by 1

It is a rather common occurrence to see a powerful empire getting its progress hindered by the lack of naval capacity to project its strength further as one of the most powerful empires in the galaxy. Building Anchorages is one of the ways to increase its capacity, but one efficient and cheap way to increase it to be able to build an extremely powerful fleet with optimal ship designs is by building a Military Academy.


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Moreover, the Military Academy also increases Politician jobs, which can improve the planet’s growth and stability by a respectable amount. The bonus of increasing Commander leader capacity is also quite useful for players who want to have all of their fleets and armies led by a capable leader.

5 Faculty Of Archaeostudies

Increases Benefit Gained From Technologies Of The Past

stellaris-Faculty Of Archaeostudies

  • Increases Archaeostudies research speed by 100%
  • Increases Archaeo-Engineers jobs by 3 (5 if Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk is picked)

Archaeotechnology is still somewhat seen as a weaker technology by various players due to its exclusivity and difficulty in claiming it, which requires a lot of effort and dedicated resources. However, successfully harnessing it can reward the empire with powerful technologies that can enable them to subjugate and survive the galaxy, which can be amplified further with the Faculty of Archaeostudies.


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The added Archaeo-Engineers jobs will also boost the planet’s research output by a respectable margin. The number of jobs can also be further buffed by picking the Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk, increasing the bonus jobs to 5 instead of only 3.

4 Auto-Curating Vault

Increases The Unity Of The Empire For Quicker Growth

stellaris-Auto-Curating Vault

  • Increases Unity gain empire-wide by 5%
  • Increases Politician jobs by 1 (1 Manager for MegaCorp, 2 Evaluator for Gestalt Consciousness)
  • Increases Official leader capacity by 1

It is always crucial for an empire that wishes to survive the galaxy to continually grow in all fields, including by advancing its Tradition Tree, which can catapult the empire’s strength to an even greater height. This can be achieved by gaining Unity at a rapid pace, which can be achieved by building an Auto-Curating Vault in one of the empire’s colonies.

The building increases an empire’s Unity gain empire-wide by 5%, which can amount to a quicker Tradition gain by 1-2 months. Moreover, the bonuses of Politician jobs and Official leader capacity will further support the growth of the empire.

3 Murmuring Monolith

A Unique Advantage Available Only To The Beholder’s Master

stellaris-Murmuring Monolith

  • Only available after recruiting The Beholder
  • Increases Psionic pops output by 10%
  • Gain 8 Zro per month

Enlisting a unique Paragon is quite tough as it can only be randomly gained. Moreover, the Legendary Paragons can be acquired by an astronomically low chance. However, if an empire happens to stumble and manages to recruit the Legendary Paragon “The Beholder,” it can expect to have a very powerful unique building available at its disposal.

By deploying The Beholder on a planet, it passively grants the planet a unique building, which is the Murmuring Monolith. The building grants bonuses to pop output as long as they are Psionics by 10%, and also grants 8 Zro per month passively, which can be quite rare to get in the galaxy. It also grants the colony a unique planet decision to convert 1 non-Psionic pop into Psionic for every 6 months, at the cost of the passive Zro gain.

2 Research Institute

A Classic, Reliable Boost Towards Technology Advancement

stellaris-Research Institute

  • Increases Research output empire-wide by 5%
  • Increases Science Director jobs by 1 (2 Brain Drones for Hive Minds, 2 Calculators for Machine Intelligence)
  • Increases Science leader capacity by 1

As is the norm for all 4X games, science and technology are some of the most crucial things to pay attention to, as they can decide whether an empire can survive the galaxy or not. It is a norm for an under-developed and scientifically lesser empire to be absorbed by its neighbors sooner or later. Having a Research Institute built is crucial, as it boosts the Research of an empire by a respectable amount.


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By having the building, an empire will immediately receive a 5% research boost, enabling it to advance its technology quicker than its neighbors. Moreover, it grants the Science Director job to the planet on which it was built, further increasing the research output. The added Scientist leader capacity bonus will also enable the empire to hire the appropriate leader to boost their technology gain.

1 First League Filing Offices

A Powerful Precursor Building To Enable Mass Edict Application

stellaris-First League Filing Offices

  • Increases Edict Fund by 50 (100 with Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk)
  • Increases Administrators, Priests, and Managers job production with additional +1 Unity and +1 Amenities
  • Add more jobs based on the government types:
    • +2 Bureaucrats for non-Spiritualists
    • +2 Priests for Spiritualists
    • +2 Managers/Stewards for MegaCorps
    • +2 Synapse Drones/Coordinators for Gestalt Consciousness

As is the norm for finishing a Precursor questline, various powerful rewards can be obtained by the player’s empire to get an additional boost in their growth to survive the harsh galaxy. One of the powerful Precursor rewards is the First League’s Filing Offices, the only building that can provide Edict Funds.

The building can provide 50 Edict Fund immediately after being built, which is boosted further to 100 should the empire take the Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk. Moreover, it also boosts Administrators, Priests, and Managers job production with Unity and Amenity boost, which is crucial for both the empire’s and the planet’s growth. Moreover, a further bonus of additional jobs depending on the empire’s government type can be acquired, further boosting the empire-wide unique building’s usefulness by a large margin.



May 9, 2016

4X , Grand Strategy