Best Astarion build in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) (BG3)

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Your sneaky rogue companion Astarion is a great party member in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you build him correctly. Here is our guide telling you how you can create the best Astarion build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This elf vampire it set up as an Arcane Trickster Rogue. However, I didn’t unlock his full potential until I respeced him. If you multiclass Astarion as a Thief Rogue and a Gloom Stalker Ranger, you’ll get an incredibly powerful companion.

Note: If you’re wondering how to respec in Baldur’s Gate 3, read our guide to find out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Best Rogue/Ranger multiclass Astarion build

The reason behind choosing Ranger for Astarion’s multiclass is the fact that both Rogues and Rangers use Dexterity to determine the effectiveness of their main ability. The Gloom Stalker subclass is perfect for this cunning Rogue, since they fight from the shadows and use darkness to their advantage.

Finally, I went for the Thief Rogue subclass due to the fact that they get an extra Bonus Action. This build allows Astarion to inflict serious damage to enemies, all from the safety of the shadows. If you identify a powerful enemy you want to eliminate first, Astarion is a good bet to get the ball rolling. He’s also a good option for clean-up when you don’t want a weakened foe to live to fight another turn. Read on to find out how to create the best Astarion build in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Astarion Build In Baldurs Gate 3 Gloom Stalker Thief Rogue Ranger
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Astarion Thief Rogue/Gloom Stalker Ranger leveling guide

  • Level 1: Rogue 1
    • Sneak Attack 1d6 damage (Melee/Ranged)
  • Level 2: Rogue 2
  • Level 3: Rogue 3
    • Pick Thief subclass
      • Fast Hands Feature: Gain an additional Bonus Action.
      • Second-Story Work: Gain resistance to fall damage.
    • Sneak Attack 2d6 damage
  • Level 4: Rogue 4
    • Feat: Ability Score Improvement
      • Increase Dexterity score by +2
  • Level 5: Rogue 4, Ranger 1
    • Choose one Favored Enemy: Bounty Hunter
      • Gain proficiency in Investigation.
      • Creatures you hit with Ensnaring Strike have Disadvantage on their saving throw.
    • Choose one Natural Explorer: Urban Tracker
      • Gain proficiency in Sleight of Hand.
  • Level 6: Rogue 5, Ranger 1
    • Uncanny Dodge Feature: When an attack hits you, you only take half the usual damage. A toggleable passive you can use once per round.
    • Sneak Attack 3d6 damage
  • Level 7: Rogue 5, Ranger 2
    • Choose a Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting
      • When you make an attack with your off-hand weapon, add your Ability Modifier to attack damage.
  • Level 8: Rogue 5, Ranger 3
    • Pick Gloom Stalker subclass
      • Dread Ambusher: Gain +3 bonus to Initiative. On first turn of combat, your movement speed increases by 3m, and you can make an additional attack dealing an additional 1d8 damage.
      • Dread Ambusher Hide: Hide as a Bonus Action and succeed a stealth check.
      • Umbral Shroud: Become Invisible as an Action.
      • Superior Darkvision: You can see in the dark within 24m.
      • Disguise Self spell: Transform yourself to look like any other race/gender.
  • Level 9: Rogue 6, Ranger 3
    • Add Expertise to two skills:
  • Level 10: Rogue 6, Ranger 4
    • Feat: Lucky
      • Gain three Luck Points to gain advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, saving throws, or to reroll an enemy attack roll. Replenishes after a Long Rest.
  • Level 11: Rogue 6, Ranger 5
    • Extra Attack: Can make an additional free attack after making an unarmed or weapon attack.
    • Misty Step spell: Teleport to an unoccupied space you see within 18m.
  • Level 12: Rogue 7, Ranger 5
    • Evasion Feature: When a spell/effect would deal half damage on a successful DEX saving throw, it instead deals no damage if you succeed, and half if you fail.
    • Sneak Attack 4d6 damage
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Best playstyle for the Rogue/Ranger mutliclass Astarion build

While playing as this build, make sure Astarion is wielding two daggers. This allows him to strike twice, and with the Two-Weapon Fighting Style, you inflict even more damage. I chose to give Astarion the Lucky feat, which comes in handy quite often when you need to boost your rolls. You could go for Alert instead, but since Dread Ambusher already gives him a +3 to Initiative, I thought Lucky was a better choice.

This Astarion build is highly-dexterous, can teleport with Misty Step, and inflicts plenty of attacks each turn. The Rogue/Ranger multiclass combination really was meant to be paired, in my opinion.

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