December 10, 2023
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Sports games are quickly becoming not just about the sport. For example, NBA 2K24 will have you looking for posters to get new gear. In UFC 5, the fighters aren’t the main centerpiece anymore. Fans have their favorite arenas now, and EA has taken that seriously. In UFC 5 you get all the main arenas, and then some so you can feel closer to the real sport. Here are the best arenas in UFC 5.

UFC 5: Best arenas, ranked

The game does a great job of emulating its real-life counterpart, and the arenas are a highlight of that. Most of them look the same but have different energy. While playing I quickly discovered a few that stood out and are liked by fans. If you’re playing UFC 5, I suggest using the following venues.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
Ufc 5 Etihad1
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • UFC Apex (Dana White’s Contender Series)
Ufc 5 Ufc Apex1
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Ufc 5 Toyoata Center1
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Ufc Humite1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While you’re here, check out my review on UFC 5. It seems EA wants to cast a wider net for the sports game. 

How to change arenas

For one reason or another, UFC 5 keeps things tucked away in different menus. Using different arenas is one of the things. During my review, it took me quite some time to find it because it was not highlighted well. In UFC 4, the option was very clear and loud. 

To be able to change venues in Online or Offline mode, simply head to the fight. Pick your weight division and the fighter you want. At the very bottom, it’ll show you all the arenas in the game. So you can scroll between them. 

Ufc 5 Picking An Arena1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Additionally, you don’t have to unlock them, each arena in UFC 5 is already available to use. On top of that, there don’t seem to be weight class restrictions. This means all division classes aren’t locked out from any arena. 

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UFC 5 is available now via Xbox and PlayStation Store.

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