Beloved Fortnite Ruby cosplay still remains one of the best skins in real-life

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Fortnite is the king of multiplayer games when it comes to collaborations. There are always magnificent crossovers every year, and there’s bound to be even more throughout 2024 starting with Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Yet, despite all the crossovers, some of the most popular skins are original character designs from Epic Games. One of the most popular OG characters is Ruby, and this much-beloved and famous Fortnite Ruby cosplay still remains one of the best skins turned from fiction into reality.

There is lots to look forward to for the battle royale community. The expected release date for Chapter 5 Season 2 isn’t too far away, and this new season could introduce a new ingenious open-world game mode separate from LEGO. Not only that, but the new season will also introduce a fresh battle pass full of unique rewards and attires to unlock.

While crossover skins are bound to arrive throughout the next 12 months, it’s the originals that remain the most popular. We’ve already covered a magnificent Aura cosplay dedicated to the most used skin of all time, but another fan-favorite is Ruby fully fitted in her iconic red tracksuit.

Fortnite Ruby cosplay

This Fortnite Ruby cosplay from Sylvercy still remains one of the best real-life skin depictions from Epic Games’ battle royale. First uploaded in 2019, it is a magnificent one-to-one recreation of the base attire for the original character. Compared to more extravagant characters in the game, the outfit is a red cap with a red camouflaged hoodie that exposes the midriff finished with red bottoms. Both the hoodie and bottoms have two strips of white running up the sides like Adidas clothes.

This is all topped off with black fingerless gloves and an assault rifle that continues the red and white color motif. The long brown hair is also swayed to one side just like the in-game model. Lastly, the makeup around the eyes is identical to the Epic Games character. Naturally, comments are full of praise, and even prominent leaker Hypex said it deserves an award.

Image credit: sylvercy on Instagram

Her Instagram page is full of magnificent and even more elaborate Fortnite cosplays such as the Ghoul Trooper and Brite Bomber. She’s even portrayed the black-and-white-themed Shadow Ruby. As for the skin itself, it is currently132 in the most used skins of all time gallery. This is extremely impressive considering there are nearly 1,800 skins in the game as of January 2024.

The most used crossover skin of all time is Lara Croft, and this amazing Tomb Raider cosplay is even better than her outfit in Fortnite. Another wonderful Fortnite cosplay is of the fellow fan-favorite Jules skin brought to life by a popular Twitch streamer.