Battle Cars is an PvP combat racing game with a unique artstyle, now in open beta on Android

TinyBytes has just announced an open beta test for their latest title, Battle Cars, a combat racer that puts all your skills to the test. The game promises high-octane PvP battles as players partake in heated matches with each other all over the globe. The greater the roster of cars, the higher the chances of winning.

Battle Cars is a dream come true for automobile fans as it allows players to fill their garages up with a wide variety of unique cars. With more than 12 battle cars, nine guns, and nine collision weapons, the game is a haven for customization. There are a lot of permutations and combinations possible, each leading to a different style of gameplay.

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If that wasn’t enough, each car will also have its own special abilities. From deploying protection bubble shields to turbo boosts to zoom in front of opponents, anything is possible. In terms of gameplay, players will be able to make use of intuitive FPS-inspired controls that are reminiscent of competitive PvP battlers. They can also be customized to fit particular playstyles.

Variety isn’t just in the cars as players can also choose from multiple different 4v4 PvP modes. Each demands are different strategy or skill and there’s something for everyone. Those that prefer chaos can try Free-For-All, Team Battle is for playing with friends, and players wanting to strategize a bit can test Capture and Flag and Domination.

The maps are something to watch out for as well, featuring a range of different environments. Some games may take place in neon-lit urban settings while others take on a sandier, desert-like backdrop. All of this can be enjoyed with friends through Alliances and of course, Alliance Wars that will determine the best team in the game.

Battle Cars is currently available on Google Play in open beta.