December 4, 2023

In a surprising revelation today, the popular 2022 American horror thriller “Barbarian,” written and directed by Zach Cregger, is set to make its mark in the gaming world. A recent exclusive report from Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that New Regency Pictures and Diversion3 Entertainment are joining forces to bring a terrifying video game adaptation of Barbarian to PC and consoles.

The development of the Barbarian video game will be led by Diversion3 Entertainment, known for their work on games like Friday the 13th: The Game and Evil Dead: The Game. Tim Hesse, Executive Producer at Diversion3 Entertainment, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “We are eager to work with New Regency to explore the settings, characters, and creatures from Barbarian.”

Starring renowned Hollywood actors Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård, Barbarian tells the story of a young woman who discovers her rented home is already occupied by a stranger. Against her better judgment, she decides to spend the night, leading to a series of horrifying events.

Barbarian has earned critical acclaim for not only its scary and unexpected twists and turns but also its incredible depiction of strong characters thrown into terrifying situations. Now, Diversion3 Entertainment is taking the challenge to explore these themes from the film further in the game.

Yariv Milchan, Chairman and CEO of New Regency Pictures, also shared his thoughts on this venture, stating, “Expanding the Barbarian universe into gaming provides a new way to capture the horror that made the film such a success. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Diversion3 Entertainment to immerse new and existing fans in this world.”

Considering Diversion3 Entertainment’s experience in adapting a film franchise into a video game with Evil Dead: The Game, it is reasonable to say that they are the ideal studio to work on the Barbarian video game adaptation. However, there are uncertainties regarding their ability to effectively capture the essence of the film, especially given the mixed reception of Evil Dead: The Game. Nonetheless, it is still too early to determine the success of the Barbarian video game adaptation, as Diversion3 Entertainment could be aiming for an improved performance this time around for this project.

While there is no official release date for the Barbarian video game adaptation confirmed as of yet, the announcement suggests that more information from the game’s developer and publisher will be disclosed very soon.

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