Bang Bang – Best Cici Build

Like most MOBA games, not having the right build for your hero can ruin the entire match in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. For example, a mage like Cecilion scales with Mana, so players should buy equipment that enhances this stat and focus on stacking his stacks in the match. Meanwhile, the character who was released on December 27, 2023, Cici, has whole different needs.

Cici is a character who enjoys her movement while continuously poking enemies from a safe distance. Cici also scales amazingly with Spell Vamp and greatly heals during combat. Knowing and considering all these mechanics will let you have the best Cici build in every Mobile Legends: Bang Bang match.


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Cici Build In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

best build for cici in mobile legends bang bang



Battle Spell

  1. Tough Boots
  2. War Axe
  3. Hunter Strike
  4. Oracle
  5. Bloodlust Axe
  6. Brute Force Breastplate

Fighter Emblem

  • Agility
  • Festival Blood
  • Brave Smite

For Exp Lane

For Jungle

Best Equipment For Cici In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

best equipment for cici in mobile legends bang bang-2

As a hero who depends on movement, Cici must not get stunned or slowed. It’s important to start the game with Tough Boots since it shortens all the crowd control (CC) durations by 30%. This will allow Cici to escape any control effect early and keep up her movement speed. Other movement equipment like Warrior Boots, Magic Boots, and Rapid Boots are sufficient, but not as effective as Tough Boots.

For the first real item, each game has its own unique situations, so either start aggressively with War Axe or defensively with Brute Force Breastplate. Both War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate are equipment that perfectly serves physical heroes that constantly deal damage, just like Cici. Once she casts her first Skill, Yo-Yo Blitz, Cici will automatically target an enemy within range for almost four seconds, which is perfect to fully stack up War Axe and Brute Force Breastplate. Eventually, she needs both pieces of equipment since they’re her core items.

War Axe stats and stacks give Cici up to 97 Physical Attack, 550 HP, a much-needed 10% Cooldown Reduction, and a 12% Spell Vamp. When Cici maximizes its stacks, it will grant her an extra 10% true damage that will help her melt any enemy she hits. As for Brute Force Breastplate, its stats and stacks increase Cici’s HP by 600, Physical Defense by 30, Cooldown Reduction by 10%, Physical Attack by 36, and Movement Speed by 12%. When maximizing its stacks, Cici will also get a 15% extra Control Duration Reduction, which will further protect her against crowd control.


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The last three items can greatly vary between many pieces of equipment that work fine with her kit. In normal circumstances, Cici can go full offensive mode by getting Hunter Strike and Bloodlust Axe. Hunter Strike can make her even faster to have more freedom moving around enemies, while Bloodlust Axe allows her to quickly regain her lost HP. In case the opponent’s side is building anti-healing items, it’s an excellent idea to build Oracle, as it slightly reduces the massive drop in Cici’s healing.

These are the best items for Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, based on how the game is going, players can also effectively use Blade of Despair, Sea Halberd, and Malefic Roar to notably increase Cici’s damage and counter healing/tanky units. You can also opt for more defensive items like Queen’s Wings, Radiant Armor, and a lot more to make Cici bulky and able to handle more hits.

Best Emblem For Cici In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

best emblem for cici in mobile legends bang bang

Spell Vamp and movement speed are incredibly important for Cici, since her entire mechanic depends on them. Because of that, Fighter Emblem is the best Emblem for Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Support Emblem is also a good choice since it grants Cici Healing, Cooldown Reduction, and Movement Speed. As for the Emblem’s Talents, go for Agility on the first, Festival of Blood on the second, and Brave Smite on the last Talent. Both Festival of Blood and Brave Smite improve Cici’s healing, while Agility further increases her movement speed.

Best Battle Spell For Cici In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

best battle spell for cici in mobile legends bang bang

When it comes to the best battle Spell for Cici build in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it depends on what role Cici is playing. If she’s a Jungler, it’s better to go for Ice Retribution since it allows her to slow enemies and catch up to them during combat. On the other hand, when Cici is in the Exp lane, go for Sprint to increase her speed and protect her from slowing effects.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available on Android and iOS.

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