Bang Average Football Brings Pixelated Arcade Anarchy to PC – Gamezebo

Move over Cristiano, Messi, and Mbappé, because there’s a new star in town, and his name is Bob. No, not Robert Lewandowski, Bob. Just Bob. And he’s about to lead a bunch of misfits, rejects, and weekend warriors to footballing glory in Bang Average Football, the game that celebrates the not-so-beautiful side of the beautiful game. It releases in 2024 on Steam.

From Bottom of the Barrel to National Champs

Forget pixel-perfect passing and ballerina-like footwork. In Bang Average Football, it’s all about muddy knees and dodgy tackles. Whether you’re a couch potato with FIFA dreams or a real-life Sunday league legend, this game is for you. Grab your mates (up to four, if you can find that many who’ll play with you) and battle it out for local multiplayer bragging rights. Or, take on the ultimate underdog story in Story Mode. You’ll be thrown into the shoes of a player-manager for a rock-bottom, relegation-threatened club. 

Your job? Lead these ragtag heroes from the muddy depths of the lower leagues to the dizzying heights of the top division. Manage your team like a pro, haggle for transfers like a market stall hustler, and charm the socks off sponsors and fans to boost your club’s reputation. Think of it as Football Manager, but with fewer spreadsheets and more questionable life choices.

There’s More!

But fear not, you won’t be alone in this journey. Between matches, you’ll travel the country, taking on wacky challenges and side quests to hone your skills. Who knows, you might even learn to pull off a half-decent bicycle kick (or at least land safely after attempting one).

So, put down your tiki-taka textbooks and embrace the glorious mess of Bang Average Football. It’s the game where every shanked cross and air shot is just another step on the road to sporting immortality. Get ready to score (or spectacularly miss) your way to the top!

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