Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 20 Addresses Misbehaving Minthara and More

The latest update for Baldur’s Gate 3 provides players with some relief from issues introduced by Patch 6, with more fixes still to come.


  • Hotfix #20 for Baldur’s Gate 3 fixes issues with Minthara, combat bugs, and Mac user delays, bringing overall game improvement.
  • Players may face mod compatibility issues with the update, as the game evolves with regular patches to enhance user experience.
  • Future cross-platform mod support is in the works for Baldur’s Gate 3, enhancing gameplay options for players post-patch updates.

The latest update for Baldur’s Gate 3 has arrived in the form of Hotfix #20, bringing with it what may be the beginning of the end of problems centering on Minthara. Though relatively small, the update is packed with fixes for issues that have been plaguing Baldur’s Gate 3 players since the release of Patch 6.

Following the release of Patch 6 on February 16, Baldur’s Gate 3 players reported experiencing more problems with the game than they’d had previously. Both Hotfixes #18 and #19 addressed an issue with trading in which merchants’ gold wouldn’t load, preventing players from buying and selling in-game. The newest Baldur’s Gate 3 patch also caused its share of graphics glitches, most notably for a few of the animations it introduced, which the previous hotfix also sought to address.


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Perhaps the biggest item to come out of this latest hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 involves the popular companion Minthara, who will now follow players again in Act II and Act III, and leave the active party if dismissed. The newest update also addresses issues with players becoming stuck in combat due to the environment never taking its turn. Hotfix #20 marks the first time Mac users will have an update at the same time as users on PC and console, although the update is currently delayed for Xbox due to a previously announced issue with its stability on the console.

As with all of the game’s updates, Hotfix 20 comes with the disclaimer that it may cause Baldur’s Gate 3 to become incompatible with any mods players may be using. Mod instability caused by the release of updates for the game was a topic of contention that came to a head following the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 19.

Prior to the developers receiving threats over the previous updates, Larian Studios had announced cross-platform mod support for Baldur’s Gate 3 would be coming sometime later in 2024. No official timeline has been given as to when players can expect this support, but in the meantime, Larian Studios will continue to regularly patch Baldur’s Gate 3, which may disrupt some mod users’ experiences.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #20 Patch Notes


  • Introduced a few crash safeguards to ensure that when a savegame fails to load, you’ll be sent back to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed some issues causing the second player on split screen to have a black screen for 30 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from opening containers (like the Camp Supply Sack) while trading if you selected a different character from the one who initiated the trade. This also fixed a sneaky money exploit.
  • Fixed a bug causing the environment to never take its turn, blocking combat from progressing.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to get stuck in combat if there were still some bats remaining after you defeated Cazador.
  • Fixed an infinite loot bug that would duplicate Herdmaster Skardjall’s Scale Mail every time you removed the Whipping Cane from his body.
  • Fixed a bug causing the crime dialogue for trespassing to get spammed beside the Steel Watch Foundry.
  • Fixed some banding and shader issues in cinematics that were causing VFX artefacts on faces at certain angles.
  • Fixed Minthara sometimes not following the party in Act II or Act III.
  • Fixed a case where Halsin wouldn’t move to his position when you arrived at Last Light in Act II.
  • Fixed an issue where Minthara wouldn’t leave the party after being escorted out of Moonrise Towers.
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to tell you they were too busy to talk to you when you tried to speak to them. They were lying.
  • Fixed missing tab textures in the Trade UI.
  • Hid the filter tabs for traders when bartering with them, these will be reintroduced in a future update pending further testing.
  • Fixed a potential crash when preloading complex cinematics.


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August 3, 2023